5 Hair Tools You Need To Own

Hair is your pride and joy, and it takes a lot of looking after. If you are just simply washing and conditioning your hair at the moment, then you need to read this article.

Whether it be long or short, there are plenty of useful tools on the market which will tame that frizzy hair, give you that shine and prevent split ends.

Keep reading to find out more.


1. Hairdryer

A must-have for any woman, the hairdryer is probably the most obvious hair tool which you need to own.

Hairdryers allow you to tame frizz and create smooth, silky locks.

They are also a savior when you need to get out the door ASAP with a gorgeous hair do.

You can also use hairdryers to create curls by using a round bristle brush and applying the heat from the dryer.

Follow this tutorial below to find out how:

2. Heated Rollers

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Heated rollers are a must have hair tool especially for those with mid-length to long hair.

Heated rollers give long lasting beautiful curls which are super easy to achieve.

They also give your hair plenty of volume as you can place the large rollers at the front of your head to give plenty of lift to the roots.

For best results, place heated rollers into your hair when it is dry.

Once the rollers are in, spritz with lots of hair spray and leave in until the rollers are completely cool.

Here’s a tutorial below:

3. Hair Straighteners

Another essential for your hair tool kit.

Hair straighteners or flat irons are the perfect tool to help you achieve perfectly straight, shiny, frizz free hair in a very short space of time.

Straighteners can get up to VERY hot temperatures, so make sure you use a heat protection spray before usage.

You can even use hair straighteners to create loose curls and waves.

Finish with a serum or finishing cream to really make your silky soft hair stand out.

4. Curling Iron

A great tool to have in your kit, curling irons come in a huge variety of different sizes.

You can get a wide curling iron to give you loose laid back curls, or a slimmer tong to give you tighter ringlets.

Once again, use a heat protection spray and plenty of hair spray to keep those curls in all day.

We love Amelia’s loose, tousled curls in this picture.

Achieve this look with a large curling barrel before gently brushing through the curls with a brush.

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5. Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are an essential if you want to prevent any hair damage and get rid of knots easily.

You should use a wide tooth comb in the shower when you have conditioner in your hair.

Comb through your hair at this point to get rid of knots and ensure that the conditioner is equally distributed.

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