5 Life Changing Morning Rituals

5 Life Changing Morning Rituals
5 Life Changing Morning Rituals

If your mornings are anything like mine, then they will be rushed, stressful and taxing.

Perhaps your typical weekday morning involves getting up, rushing to the bathroom, shoveling down breakfast and chucking on your clothes.

You rush out the door to work or on the school run feeling tired, stressed, and dreading the day ahead.

However, if you make a few simple changes to your morning routine, you could easily change the way you work, improve your mental health and boost your physical wellbeing.

Keep reading below to find out more.

1. Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier

This may sound counter-productive, but hear us out.

Thirty minutes is a long time – you can achieve a lot in thirty minutes.

Having this extra time in the morning will mean you don’t feel so rushed, and you can perhaps enjoy your breakfast and do some physical activity.

If you’re worried about a lack of sleep, simply go to bed earlier.

Your body will thank you for it.

2. Make a To-Do List For The Day.

If you are someone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of work or things you need to do during the day, then make a to-do list every morning.

It only takes 5 minutes, and it is the most satisfying thing in the world to tick off tasks you have completed.

It will just help focus your brain on the tasks you need to do, getting your head in the right place for the rest of the day.

3. Have a Healthy, Filling Breakfast.

It is the “the most important meal of the day” apparently.

Your body needs fuel for the rest of the day, to power your brain and power your body.

Plan ahead and have some filling, healthy breakfasts planned for your mornings.

Like Amelia above, make sure you eat lots of fruit and drink plenty of water.

Some great options for breakfast include:

  • Yoghurt and fruit
  • Yoghurt and granola
  • Porridge with fruit
  • Avocado and egg on toast

You could also prepare some ‘overnight oats’ the night before, so you don’t need to prepare anything the next day.

Find out more about these here.

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4. Get Some Gentle Exercise.

Get some gentle exercise in

We’re not saying go on a 5km run every morning (unless you want to), but getting some gentle exercise in will really wake you up and improve your physical health.

Try out some gentle stretching, a little yoga, or perhaps just raise your heart rate by doing some star jumps and sit ups.

By doing some morning exercise you will feel virtuous and positive for the rest of the day.

5. Chat To The People Around You.

Chat to the people around you.

If you are lucky enough to work with people or be surrounded by family, then make sure you chat to them in the mornings.

Whether it is at the breakfast table or your desk, chatting releases endorphins and improves your mental wellbeing.

Socialization is not only fun and interesting, it will enable you to get to know the people you are close to better.

Share your problems and help others with theirs.


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