5 of the Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World


Some people buy diamonds, some people buy gold. But for some of us, the allure of designer eyewear is overpowering. There are those car fiends who feel the need for speed, whilst you will probably know someone more into their accessories.

Luxury sunglasses are considered to be one of the biggest frivolities people spend their hard earned cash on. You may get to pay day and stare glassy eyed at a zero balance but what’s a pair of sunglasses between friends. For many sunglasses are  a genuine status symbol and the opportunity to show off and splash out.


Whether it’s on the beach or at that rooftop party, you will find many strut their stuff in this bit of eyewear. Quality is of course paramount and there are many factors to take into consideration such as the material, design and the brand. On top of this you should also look out for scratch resistance and brand reputation.

Sunglasses are so much more than a tool to conceal your eyes. Nowadays, these particular products have been elevated in modern society as one of the ultimate fashion statements. From the garish to the downright glittering, a pair of luxury sunglasses don’t come cheap.

You have to take into account premium shades which are in some cases made from more gold and platinum than Sir Elton John’s record back catalogue. Gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds can also bump the price up accordingly.

But don’t let this get you down. With a plethora of choice available, you can find sunglasses to suit your own taste and specific requirement. Some of the leading premium sunglasses brands include the likes of Bulgari not to mention Chopard. But if you don’t know your Chopard from your Chopin, there are many alternatives available for the fashion lovers amongst you.

However, if you want to make a real statement and provided you have the bank balance to back it up, here are just a few of the most expensive sunglasses ever created.

5. Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses – £17,500


Try and wrap your head around this beautiful pair from Lugano. Priced at more than £17,000, they are one of the biggest diamond jewellers in the world. They launched themselves into the eyewear sector and have never looked back since. Produced by highly acclaimed designer Barton Perriera, you can select from a number of different options. Glad that’s been cleared up. These sunglasses can be found in a fetching pink lens and gold frame or a more unique leopard and brown lens. Above all, it is the expensive diamonds used in the product that you are paying the dough for.

4. Bvlgari Flora – £39,000


Renowned the world over for the finest precision and luxury design, our next entry is from the good people at Bvlgari. The exquisite detail on this pair is just the tip of the great big iceberg. As far as the frame is concerned on these beauties, you will find it dripping in 18 carat white gold. Yet, this is not even scratching the surface as blue sapphires and diamonds compliment the look. So what’s the cost for these magnificent shades? You can pick up a pair of these for the eye watering price of nearly £40,000. Oh and if you can’t stretch to that there’s a more economic pair at a mere £16,250.  Ouch, but at least that makes their around £200 range seem a bit cheaper.  (See it here.)

3. Cartier Panthere – £103,000


Some might say it is all in the name. But for the sleek and sexy Cartier Panthere it certainly rings true. Its svelte like prowess makes it a contender for the most outrageously expensive pair of sunglasses. This killer product has naturally been named for its panther like characteristics which you will find on each side. But hold your horses, these aren’t simply for show. 18 carat white gold is blended beautifully with more than 560 individually cut diamonds. To round it all off, gaze in awe at the 640 plus blue sapphires that have been cut to perfection. And the price for this majestic piece of eyewear? Well, that will set you back more than one hundred grand.

2. Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses – £130,000


Since its inception in the mid 1940’s Shiels Jewellers have crafted some of the finest sunglasses around. Previously it was known for selling gift and silverware but they later developed their product range. You may want to step back from the screen for just one second. With as much glitz as Joan Collins in one of those Dynasty dresses, these emerald glasses are a knockout. After all, it only took five years to come up with the finished work. Exhausting work it may have been but no one can deny what you end up with. For a cool one hundred and thirty grand, Aussie firm Shiels have drawn on inspiration from Nero. One of the great Roman Emperors in history, his outlandish ways are reflected in these extravagant set of shades. Other highlights include a gold frame with an array of speckled diamonds.

1. Chopard Jewel – £259,000


Do you have a spare quarter of a million pounds lying under the bed? If you do or have just stumbled upon that Swiss bank account, then grab a pair of these incredible Chopard jewel sunglasses. With a price tag that will stun even the richest of bankers, this pair offers more than 50 cut river diamonds. The arms have not been forgotten about either and deliver the finest 24 karat gold to those who can afford them. This is complimented by the iconic C logo, whilst the intricate design is spellbinding. Through the years, Chopard have managed to pull in the stars from across the globe. A mesmerising array of celebrities have converted to the Chopard way from Kate Beckinsale to the legendary singer Tom Jones and even her majesty the Queen, who no doubt won’t need to dig too deep into her royal pockets to bag herself a pair of these exquisite shades.  See other, considerable cheaper, Chopard frames here.

If you’re after a little designer bling bling, SelectSpecs have many unique designer sunglasses such as the limited edition Dolce and Gabbana Almond Flowers. But remember, beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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