5 Outfits Inspired By Works of Art

From classic artworks to modern day masterpieces, whatever the medium, graffitied walls to painted canvases, art speaks to each of us differently.

Conveying its own message of individuality, sometimes going as far as to touch a part of our very soul.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and how we choose to portray ourselves to the world through attire or otherwise paints a picture of us for all to see.

So, we’d better choose carefully.

Art emulates life, but can life emulate art?

Here are five popular paragons of classic art and fashion ideas inspired by each.

The Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrayal of a silk merchant’s wife is probably the most famous portrait in the world.

Many attribute said fame to her expression in the artwork: a bemused half smile, among other things, like details in the background.

But you will have noticed that she is draped in pleated fabric (silk perhaps), and is wearing muted earthy tones.

Take on the Mona Lisa’s air of collected simplicity, with a middle part in your hair, a nude and brown colour palette and layers.

Throw on an infinity scarf to emulate the draped fabric and don some specs fit for a masterpiece.

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss

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What strikes you most about Gustav Klimt’s kiss is the vivid and gilded colours and vibrant composition of the piece.

As well as the emotions portrayed in facial expressions and the body language used in the lovers’ embrace.

Get this art nouveau look in bright tones, mixed geometric prints, a structured silhouette, and gold accessories.

Don’t forget some sunnies, to shade your eyes from all the brightness:

Monet’s Water Lilies

This series has a staggering 250 paintings, each more breathtaking than the next.

Look as pretty as these pictures by wearing pastel hues, floral prints, and delicate accessories and details.

Think flowing and feminine, like a water lily.

Speaking of pastels, take a look at the lilac dream below:

Salvador Dali’s Elephant

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A surrealist look into the mind of Salvador Dali, The Elephants are one of his most famous depictions, and are a recurring theme in several of his works.

Bring out your inner weirdo in unorthodox colour matches and bold cuts and shapes.

Be a fashion revolutionary and try something unconventional and new to you.

Like these quirky Miu Miu specs in mauve:

The Girl With The Pearl Earring

It’s all about facial expressions again here, and an earring of course.

A seemingly oriental robe, vibrant blue and yellow tones, a head wrap and pearls.

Mirror the oriental feel with a mandarin collared shirt, dress, or a kimono, throw in some pearl accessories, mustard yellow, electric blue, and a turban or scarf to camouflage a bad hair day.

These pearlescent glasses will only add to your iridescent appeal:

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