5 Tips For Decorating Your Specs For Halloween

If your home deserves some cool Halloween decoration why do you forget about your specs?!

There are some easy ways to make them scary and festive without worrying about harming your lenses. If you follow our tips, they’ll stay safe and sound.

1. Paper, scissors, and blu-tack

Paper, glue and scissors – these are the most common craft supplies yet most people don’t even think about decorating their specs with them. It’s easy and there are so many options! But there is one important thing: the paper – sturdy paper is a MUST in this case. Otherwise, the whole stuff is going to be dangling and believe me, you don’t want that.

How to do it? First, put the specs on the cardboard and draw the lenses and the bridge around (if you are working with kids, this phase is highly recommended to be done by an adult – just to keep the lenses safe) When you are ready, draw a parallel line inside the actual outline – this is going to be the part to be attached to the glasses – if you cut out the lenses exactly where they were outlined, you can’t stick them on the frame!

Now let creativity flood into your fingertips and draw the mask you envisioned and colour it. You can use any material you like – crayons, paint, sharpies. Cut it out and attach it with lots of tiny pieces of blu-tack to the frame. But be careful – leave the screws clean! To get blu-tack out of those is not fun at all.
Kids can even use store-bought paper masks to be coloured, or you can find tons of free printable masks on the internet, you should only make the holes for the eyes a bit bigger.


SelectSpecs tip: this Tonny frame is perfect for a unicorn – just cut out a horn shape, add the colours of the rainbow, stick it to the bridge and you can cast a spell on any misbehaving monkey!

2. Peelable glass paint

SOD THE CLOWNS THE EYE👁👁👁👁👁 eyes coming for you #halloweenglasses

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Peelable glass paint is a very handy invention this time of year! Did you know that you can make it at home?

To make some creepy specs like the ones above, you should draw the outlines of your lenses on the paper, first of all. Then put it in a transparent display pocket and start painting on this surface. Once you have filled in the space of your lense and you feel satisfied with the result, put the table tennis ball or the store-bought bloody eye in the middle of it, so you don’t have to struggle with glueing it in later.

Don’t forget that this craft needs time to get dry, which often takes at least 24 hours! So prepare it in time!

SelectSpecs tips: rimless specs are the perfect base for playing with peelable paint – try the Freeform Green by Thomas Traut

3. Fake flowers, plastic stickers, self-adhesive rubber diamonds

Not-so-scary halloween butterfly-princess… 😂❤️😂❤️

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For those who prefer prettier costumes, choose some scrapbook essentials and simply stick them to the frame with some double sided self-adhesive foam pads. These little sticky squares are usually easy to get off and clean their marks as long as they’re not too sticky.

Make an autumn fairy – stick colourful fake leaves to the top of the frame (try to put them only the bottom third of the frame, so that you can still use your specs and see the world sharply!)

Scrapbook pearls, diamante embellishments, and sticks offer an awesome wide range of shining possibilities for those who tend to be princesses, Frozen characters or fairies. This craft needs few interactions from an adult so it can be done by younger kids, as well.


SelectSpecs tip: these prescription-ready Polaroid PLD sunglasses make a spring fairy of you any day, even on the rainiest Monday, you don’t have to wait until Halloween.

4. Plastic masks

#vintagehalloween #glasses #halloweenglasses #skeleton #mask #halloweenmask

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Sometimes you don’t want to make a big fuss of the preparation, but most masks are pretty uncomfortable with specs on. Don’t give up! Take some scissors and some Scotch tape!

If you cut some of the sides and the bottom of the mask, it can be attached to your frame. Sometimes the easiest way to fasten it on your specs is to enlarger the holes on the sides and thread the Scotch tape through them and wrap the tape around the temples.

SelectSpecs tip: the smaller your specs are, the easier to hide them under the mask. This cute little Infinity wouldn’t be noticed by anybody.

5.Pom-poms, fake eyes, pipe cleaners

My halloween monster…

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These craft supplies are easy to use, safe and cheap so they can make an ideal craft project for a rainy afternoon with the kids.

Make a clown! Take a red pom-pom, knot or stick it to the bridge of the specs, stick some googly eyes or shiny stars on the upper part of the frame and ta-dah! Ready!

Make a spider – take three pipe cleaners, twist them around the temple right at the hinge, and bend half of the upwards, half of them downwards, like the legs of a spider. Repeat it on the other side and stick to googly eyes on the bridge. You don’t have to use black pipe cleaners!


SelectSpecs tip: these Just Cavalli specs provide lots of space to play with pom-poms and fake eyes.

+1 How to get rid of blu-tack or Scotch tape marks?

First, don’t panic and don’t rub the lenses or the frame too much. Bluetack can be cleaned easily with some washing up liquid and a soft sponge. When simple soapy washing doesn’t help, use baby oil first (a few drops of oil on a piece of fabric or an oily baby wipe cleans the whole surface wonderfully) and wash it with lukewarm soapy water afterwards.

Just have fun!

Loving Halloweek? Check out the post from yesterday for some non-spooky costume ideas for glasses wearers!

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