6 Celebrities Who Prove Glasses Are Super Stylish

Let me guess. You want to get new specs but are unsure of which style suits you. The only thing you know is that you what to change your style, they need to be more à la mode than ever and that you want to look like those fab looking celebrities who gain glamour and refinement thanks to their eyewear.

Most celebrities only wear glasses occasionally, usually to complement their fashion style, but some should always do it as their look improves greatly with them. Celebrity sunglasses tend to be pricier but if you want to mirror their style, you don’t necessarily need to pay as much as they did for their specs!

Even better, I have selected some very affordable yet trendy glasses which you can match to your favourite celebrity’s fashion style.


Alicia Keys and Antares LH100

Alicia Keys glasses

Antares LH100 Alicia Keys

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Alicia Keys’s style is always cool and edgy. She very often surprises us wearing a unique mix of street fashion and carefully selected jewellery which look fabulous on her. The Antares LH100 round-rimmed glasses are the perfect option for Alicia’s casual look. She probably didn’t pay £30 for her specs but you will if you get them on SelectSpecs!

Alice Keys composition

Alicia Keys style

Hilary Duff and Diesel DL5066

Hilary Duff glasses

Diesel DL 5066 Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff is the woman of a million looks and she always looks amazing whatever her choice. I love her because she doesn’t mind posting pictures of herself on Instagram appearing as a normal human being who goes to the gym and does her shopping like the rest of us. The Diesel DL5066 is the right choice for her as it’s an extremely versatile option that matches perfectly Hilary’s million looks, whether she goes for a sporty grungy look or a casual Hollywood style. This outstanding pair of Diesel specs will also be your perfect accessory for less than £100!

Hilary Duff composition

Hilary Duff fashion


Michelle Pfeiffer and the SS Collection

Michelle Pfeiffer with glasses

The SS Collection 1172 Michelle Pfeiffer

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Even though she is almost 60 years old, Michelle Pfeiffer always looks like a fresh-faced Californian girl in her carefully selected smart but casual outfits. She is the representation of a classy and naturally beautiful woman. The SS Collection is exactly that! A classy, beautiful, serious but casual looking pair of specs with an amazing price tag of only £14.

Michelle Pfeiffer composition

Michelle Pfeiffer style


Anne Hathaway and Marc Jacobs MJ 494

Anne Hathaway wearing oversized glasses

MJ 494 Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway is the shimmering image of the eternal good girl and she often goes for simple but slightly edgy looks. That’s why I love her choice of oversize glasses because they absolutely jazz her look up! Marc Jacobs’ MJ 494 will also be your perfect accessory if you usually wear classy and timeless outfits.

 Anne Hathaway composition

Anne Hathaway style

Avril Lavigne and Stellar 8840

Avril Lavigne with glasses

Stellar 8849 Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne has a very unique image and style. She is trendy and pushes the envelope with her skate and street glam. She often uses masculine items as accessories and her choice of glasses is also a bit of that. If you like all things rocker or punk, you will also love the Stellar 8840. Just over £60, they are a versatile accessory to complement an unconventional fashion style!

Avril Lavigne compositionAvril Lavigne style

 Scarlett Johansson and Opposite TM506V

Scarlett Johansson with glasses

Opposit TM506V Scarlett

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If Michelle Pfeiffer is the representation of the eternal classy woman, Scarlett Johansson is the eternal diva. She likes dressing up and always stuns with her incredible and impeccable outfits. She puts great care in complementing them with the right accessories, including glasses. Cat-eye frames seem to have been designed especially for her so, the Opposite TM506V is also perfect for you if you like dressing up in an elegant and flawless style. Do not worry if you are not as wealthy as Scarlett, they are just over £70!

Scarlett Johansson compositionScarlett Johansson style

What do you think? Who chose her specs best? Do they look better in their eyewear? Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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