6 Halloween Costumes with Ghoulish Glasses!


It’s Halloween again and if you’re like me, you might be searching for that perfect “spec-tacular” and spooky outfit for the weekend’s parties. Time to be afraid, very afraid, as we share our creative and creepy costume suggestions…

1. Zombie Hipster

Hipster to Zombie?

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My personal favorite. Thankfully, the era of the wheat grass juice slugging, record collecting hipster is over, finito. Let’s commiserate the demise of our bearded and fixie-bicycling friends by dressing up as zombie hipsters! All it takes is some fake tattoos, a lumberjack shirt, some big black specs and a fake beard. You can wax lyrical about your penchant for locally-sourced macrobiotic bakery and obscure LPs, and all the other party goers will be genuinely terrified.

2. Daria


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What is there not to like about Daria, the scathing cartoon comic icon from the depths of the 90’s. She’s sassy, smart and takes life with a bucketful of salt. Get your best green blazer, oval specs and RBF on and you’re halfway there. Just don’t forget to hate everyone!

3. Austin Powers

austin powers

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Yeeeaaah baby, yeah! Let’s do the time-warp, break out the velveteen suit and vintage style specs, and get groooovy, baby.  You are an international man of mystery, a swingin’ sixties super-spy. Your friends will all be astonished and amazed at your incredible powers of seduction. Just hope that Dr Evil doesn’t arrive and spoil your fun.

4. Velma from Scooby-Doo

velma article

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Velma Von Dinkenstein is the brains of Mystery Inc. Without Velma’s keen eye for detail and intelligence, there would be many criminals masquerading as ghosts out there! She is definitely the most underrated member of the Scooby gang, and always solves the crime. Get the look with some cute retro rectangular specs, an orange polo neck sweater, and some drawn-on freckles.

5. Harry Potter


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An old classic, but who wouldn’t want to be the muggle-born wonder wizard for a night? Break out your robes, draw on that infamous scar, swot up on your spells, grab a pair of round metal-framed specs and you’ll be ready for the party, before we can even say “partis temporus”!

6. Woody Allen


Perhaps the most terrifying outfit of the lot. Woody Allen is an easily achievable look, just get some grey hair colour spray, a charity shop v-neck vest, and ugly shirt and you’re there. Nervous disposition and much younger wife, whilst preferable, are of course optional. NB: This outfit is potentially interchangeable with zombie hipster, so why not try both in one night if you’re feeling like a diva?

So what’s your favourite costume for this Halloween? Are you going to try any of our suggestions?  Don’t forget all of our glasses can be sold with fashion lenses – meaning they don’t have a prescription in them.  Click ‘customise & buy’ on any prescription model and select the ‘Fashion/Non-prescription’ option!


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