7 Glasses Cases You Can’t Live Without


They say clothes maketh the man or is that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? Whatever it may be, you need to take good care of your glasses. Whether you’re a Fendi fan or pining for a bit of Oakley, protection matters. Don’t we all need lasting security for our glasses?

Today’s plastic fantastic cases provide all over protection and are without doubt making a comeback. As far as the fashion stakes are concerned, glasses cases are becoming as on trend as London Fashion Week. Yet through all the glitz and glamour, eyewear accessories don’t have to be necessarily about cleaning sprays and cloths.

There is so much more to discover behind the looking glass. It’s this precise form that elevates a glasses case to something more than a place to put your specs in. Yes, there are of course those who see through perspex cases, not to mention the bright and colourful Cath Kidston numbers. However, there are those ones that also really make a sight for sore eyes. We round up some of the top glasses cases SelectSpecs have to offer.

7. Avengers Glasses Case


Mum or Dad can be a superhero in their own right thanks to this special Avengers case. For less than a tenner what more do you want? Its neon blue appearance will definitely catch the eye of many a young one, whilst its bold black markings in the middle is simply a Marvel.

6. Oakley Large Carbon Fibre Eyewear Case


Make someone stand out from the crowd with this excellent Large Carbon Fibre Eyewear Case from Oakley. With its carbon fibre protective case, this particular item is pretty much resistant to any hard impact. Finished with the logo it is suitable for a whole host of Oakley sunglasses as well as prescription eyewear.

5. Spider Man Glasses Case


If you want to be down with the kids, then this Spider Man Glasses Case is the perfect fit. Priced at only £9.99, you can enjoy a bright blue case emblazoned with Spidey himself across it.

4. Liverpool FC Glasses Case


Now Jurgen Klopp has settled into the Anfield hot seat, this case is a must for all Liverpool fans. With its sleek black matt finish and silver logo of the crest the Liverpool FC Glasses case is a winner. No doubt Herr Klopp will feel right at home with this one.

3. Scuderia Ferrari Oakley Case


The next contender is for all those car enthusiasts, priced at £32.99 the stand out  Scuderia Ferrari Oakley Case is a real belter. Simplicity is the order of the day with the Oakley logo embossed on the side. Furthermore, the premium Ferrari branding can be found in the middle of the actual case. Both have worked hand in hand to produce a genuine classy case for your Oakleys. Take advantage of the tough shell exterior, whilst the soft lining enables the maximum comfort.

2. Tough Case


Stand tough with our very own tough case for £1.99. Made from a durable plastic material it comes in both small and large sizes. It features a special design which can easily be pulled apart to access your glasses.

1. Oakley Radar or M Frame Soft Vault Case


Top of the pops is the Oakley Radar or M Frame Soft Vault Case. It boasts a signature logo on the front and has all the hallmarks of a sturdy and robust place to place your eyewear. You can pick this up online for just £27.99.

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