Top 7 Life Changing Apps to Download

Attention all tech freaks. In a world where there’s an App for everything, innovative ideas can be hard to come by.

So, here’s a list of some Apps that are bringing their A game in the world of Android & IOS, and have taken the conventional with a twist to add some perks you didn’t know you even needed.

Downloading starts now.


Want. Need. Love the "Phoenix Distressed Shorts" from Frankie Phoenix on Wanelo 💕

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The name is derived from want, need, love Wa Ne Lo, and it’s a shopping app that gathers trending or liked items,

From household decor to short shorts, they feature unique and hard to find pieces with links of where to buy them.

It’s a great app for inspiration and ideas, a window shopping app if you will. Stumped on what to get your bestie for her birthday?

Check out Wanelo. Need something to spruce up an outfits but have nothing? Or want to finally finish that feature wall? Download, and thank us later.

An example of some of the items that you might find on Wanelo, an “I didn’t know they existed, but now I need them” pair of sunnies:


PMSing is never fun, so it’s good to be prepared.

There are a million and one different period tracking apps out there, but Clue is not only more visually pleasing, but also has some great features.

From documenting mood swings, to giving you informative tidbits about your reproductive organs, and tips on when and how to preform breast self exams, as well as the usual cycle milestones.

It’s definitely a good idea to keep track of your details, both for lifestyle and health reasons, so get downloading.

Here’s a pair of incognito sunnies for those days the mood swings are hitting you hard:

Google Keep


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Something else its great to keep track of, To Do list’s, Grocery lists or just any old lists you feel the need to jot down.

Google Keep gives you features you didn’t know you needed from your lists and notes, adding collaborators for example, now you and your roomie can share your shopping list and tick things off as you buy them, so you don’t end up with two loaves of bread and no Marmite.

The possibilities are endless, it gives you reminders and everything, Google have done it again!

Now while you are waiting for your download, check these pretty pink specs out, perfect for reading all that tiny font.


Take a moment to be in awe of the beauty of the pic above, then we can tell you how it came to be, another Google developed stroke of genius of course.

Snapseed is a photo editing App, that is not only easy to use, but has all the features to make your Instagram feed pop, from the usual brightness, filters and rotation, to the more selective detail enhancement, healing blemishes and face and pose enhancements. Yes, please.

Say yes, please to the below specs and you won’t need photo editing to look the part:

My TV Show Favs

Vi tittar på tv ikväll! #watchingtv #catlife #tigers #cats 🐅

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Never miss your favourite show again, keep on top of your viewing schedule and keep an eye on all that’s new and trending in the world of TV.

TVShowFavs is a simple but useful and easy to use App, add shows to your favourites list and they are added to your schedule with show times, channels and episode numbers.

Browse top shows to find your new faves. Can’t see that TV screen clear enough? Here’s a classic pair of specs to help out.


Maugust? That's me to a T, the earthy sophisticate. #hot #swackett #mnwx

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Yes, a weather forecast App, but this one gives you options of what to wear for the temperature.

Not sold? It has puppies in sunglasses. Alright then, if the forecast recommends sunglasses, they mean these rainbow Ray-bans for sure.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Just started working out and don’t want to make an investment in a gym membership or home equipment quite yet?

This is the App for you, it features workouts that use nothing but your body weight and gives you loads of great options, based on your gender, fitness level and desired result.

If the weather permits, workout in the park and don these bright and beautiful sunnies.

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Jonesing for more App entertainment, try these apps to make your specs fit like a glove.

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