7 Top Titanium Specs under £70

Titanium Glasses at SelectSpecs

David Guetta may well have created it but as you will see, there’s nothing quite like titanium. More and more of us are looking for that super specs appeal.

And it is no surprise that many are turning to a pair of titanium eyewear for comfort. Before we get the ball rolling why not take a look at our sublime array of Men’s Titanium glasses and Women’s Titanium glasses. You won’t be disappointed!

But don’t lose your focus just yet. Being the proud owner of a pair of titanium specs has several advantages. Not only is this particular material extremely bendy but it’s durable too.

Titanium is so strong that the majority of frames won’t budge an inch. Instead, they simply return to their normal shape. Even if you happen to drop them, titanium frames are as tough as a WWE wrestler.

So hold on to your Hulk Hogan hats for a second, as titanium offers other benefits too. On top of this, they don’t need as much care in comparison to regular frames, whilst they’re also resistant to causing many allergic reactions.

This means the bridge of your nose will not react to your spectacular frames. What’s not to like? Wave goodbye to corrosion, as well as being tougher when exposed to water, a common cause of rust.

Yet one of the main advantages of titanium glasses is that they are incredibly lightweight. Huzzah! If you are a heavy frame user, this might lead to issues such as headaches. This is largely in part thanks to the extra weight you are carrying on the bridge of your nose. Switch to titanium and never look back.

So it’s time to raise your glasses and find out our top picks for titanium specs under £70:

7.  Infinity 707

Infinity Titanium Glasses

Simple and elegant, you will be hot to trot in our Infinity 707 unisex frames. The classic style is ideal for those who are searching for the ultimate in affordable eyewear.

Available in black brown and gold, these full rim specs feature a super slim metal frame. Meanwhile, its ultra soft nose pads promote comfort throughout the entire day.

6. Orion T011

Orion T011 Titanium glasses at SelectSpecs

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The ladies Orion T011 is certain to make an impression. Easy on the eye and available in gold frames, this will definitely add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe. Better still, they are half price at less than £40! Time to get your glitz on.

5. Hallmark S8206

Hallmark S8206 Titanium glasses at SelectSpecs

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Suitable for single vision not to mention bifocal and varifocal lenses, the Hallmark S8206 are a real steal. They are available in three different colours including glorious gunmetal, silver and black.

4. Univo U424

Univo U424 Titanium glasses

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Featuring a flexible hinge, the Univo U424 can spring into action thanks to being titanium. Available in gunmetal or bronze, this smart pair can either be worn by men or ladies.

3. Hero 4110T

hero 4110T Titanium glasses at SelectSpecs

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Why not be a hero and swoop for these special pair of unisex hero 4110T titanium specs. Available in shiny anthracite or dark shiny brown, choose which side you are on.

2. OK’s 2158T

OK's 2158T Titantium glasses at SelectSpecs

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Say ok to this eye popping pair. With its unique spring hinge, this all female OK’s 2158T is available for single vision lenses. You can choose from two vivid colours including shiny pink or mink. Say it for the girls.

1. Julian Beaumont 3630

Julian Beaumont 3630 Titanium glasses at SelectSpecs

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Get the professional look with the Julian Beaumont collection. The men only 3630 provides square lenses, thin frames and is available in three colours featuring brown, gunmetal and black.

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