Fashion Trends That Aren’t For Everybody

While following trends is a fun past time for many, not all trends are follow worthy. And sadly, not all trends, suit every body type or skin tone.

If you love it rock it, but here are some things to keep in mind if you’re on the fence about any given trend.


While many rejoiced when dungarees were back in style, others were not so ecstatic.

These babies are really a hit or miss, and fit is everything here.

A bit too snug and they will enhance a myriad of flaws.

If you size up, you will risk looking farm hand ready; if that’s what you’re going for, more power to you.

Mum Jeans

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Mum jeans have come back with a vengeance, but are generally unflattering; hence the name in the first place.

They can flatten and enlarge the appearance of your derriere, and not in a good way.

Unlike their high waisted skinny jean counterparts, they emphasize a pouch, if you have one.

So wear at your own risk.


Skorts have a lot of people asking why?

Is it a skirt? Are they shorts? What are they?

The only upside here is maintaining modesty when exiting a vehicle on a night out, let’s keep these in the toddler section from now on.

Pyjama Outwear

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While many of us dream of living in our PJs, we wouldn’t actually venture out in a pair (going to the corner shop for a chocolate run doesn’t count).

The pyjamas as outwear trend has many dumbfounded, but, we will give it to sleepwear though.

In the styles, prints and colours available today, some really are worthy of a night out.

But we think we’ll sit this one out and leave it to the more daring fashionistas.

Cutout clothing

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Cutout clothing can be fun, flattering and add sex appeal to an otherwise bland dress.

But there is a downside, or several, if cutouts are in the wrong places they can make wearing your favourite bra impossible, and can leave you spilling out of said cutouts in a “this is not a good look” way.

Don’t cross this one off your list altogether, just approach with caution.


The #sheer trend 🔥🔥 Search: See Me in The City

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Sheer fabrics are a great way to add oomph to an otherwise plain ensemble; they show skin without really baring all.

The downside, however, is that sheer fabrics are notorious for wearing badly.

Be extra careful with fit, as when stretched too taughtly they can be even sheerer, and give you an uneven overall colour or worse yet, tear.


Ruffles are beautiful, feminine and add movement to your clothing.

There is such a thing as too much though, so as a rule, don’t pair frills with frills or risk looking overdone and billowing.

Try wearing them on areas you would like to emphasize or enhance.

Embroidered Everything

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While the embroidered trend is beautiful, artistic and colourful; it has many people wondering when it will end.

Everything down to underwear has appliqué and embroidered detail.

The only issue here is just to remember to mix it up, mix and match trends with basics and staples; nobody likes overkill.

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