A Look at Ralph Lauren’s New Automotive Eyewear

Anyone who has any interest in fashion, no matter how small, knows the name ‘Ralph Lauren’ and how the name is appreciated in the industry. Those with a little more interest might know the famous designer’s deep love for the automobile industry, especially classic pieces.

Thus, we’re not surprised his newest line of accessories (including eyewear, of course) is inspired by his collection of vintage cars.

American auto: @iamgalla in #RLAutomotive eyewear after a ride in a #Mustang up Madison

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The whole campaign exudes retro style – photos and videos show outstanding classic vehicles and models adorned with the brand’s most luxurious sunglasses, watches, and casual clothes.

It’s like the aim of the promotional material is to persuade you to make use of the last warm days of the summer and go on a road trip with your besties, armoured with nothing but the most extinguished sunglasses to protect you from the blazing sun (we’re definitely up for that.)

It’s no surprise most of the eyewear pieces are aviator-style, with reflective lens surfaces, made of light aluminium and white rimmed as if just out of a 1950’s daydream.

But, this is certainly not the first time Ralph Lauren is producing such eyewear. Driven by his own motto; fashion is over quickly, but style lasts forever, Mr. Lauren has always been fond of similar models, those that are versatile yet everlasting.  

Alas, the new collection has not hit out shelves yet, but let’s reminisce on the previous year’s favourites: ralph-lauren-sunglasses-at-selectspecs RALPH LAUREN RL7042 is one of those sunglasses for ladies that are not only stylish, with soft grey gradient lenses, but will simultaneously protect your sight from the sun’s glare. Don’t get wronged by the fact they resemble the male pieces from this year’s collection, the model itself is pretty universal and that’s one of the things we love most about it!

Yet if you would like to accentuate your femininity check out RALPH LAUREN RL8108Q and RALPH LAUREN RL8107Q. There is no contender for feminine chic more than Havana-style or leopard print sunglasses.ralph-lauren-havana-designer-sunglasses-at-selectspecsThick plastic rims and the shape of these shades are graceful and elegant, with a black and white version too, in case you need a more subtle pick to match your outfit.


Pick your favourites now and rest assured Ralph Lauren has everlasting style in mind.  See Ralph Lauren sunglasses here.

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