Adventure Awaits: Top Three Travel Destinations

Travel: the only thing you can buy, that will make your life richer. Truer words have never been spoken. You can’t put a price tag on an experience. Meet new people, listen to good music, surround yourself with wonder, have your own eat, pray, love extravaganza.

Do something for the first time, take a step into the unknown, and grow. Here are a few destinations to add to that ever-growing travel bucket list. Your adventure begins, now.


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Waterfalls, Wetlands, wildlife and wilderness. You can’t go wrong with Brazil’s natural attractions.

The Pantanal should be your first stop, not only because it is the world’s largest wetland, but also for the generous assortment of magnificent creatures on display. You may even glimpse a live Jaguar.

The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, while not a natural wonder, is definitely a must see and experience.

A four day party? Where do we sign up? Dress in your finest feathers and sequins, add a feather boa (because why not?) and fit right in with the parade.

While in Rio, why not see one of the modern seven wonders of the world, overlooking the city, with breathtaking views, the Christ the redeemer statue, on Corcovado mountain, has become an icon of Brazil and is a must see.

Back to the natural with Iguaçu Falls, with over two hundred waterfalls with names like the Devil’s Throat, why not give it a whirl?

The beaches of Salvador or Fernando de Noronha are pristine, with warm waters year round, or take a dip at the Copacabana for a more vibrant seaside experience.

Olinda and Ouro Preto are two of the many colonial towns that should be on your itinerary, top it all off with a train ride through the scenic rain-forest on the Serra Verde Express.

Dress for heat and humidity in cotton and loose silhouettes. A light mac will come in handy in case of torrential downpour, bright fun prints mirror the myriad of colours in the scenic surroundings.


Whether you are a fan of futuristic technology, fully functional historical sites, or just good old fashioned natural beauty, Japan could be your dream destination.

Why not start off with a little monkey business? At the Jigokudani Monkey Park, with hot springs and snow monkeys, what’s not to like?

Mount Fuji is another natural treasure. Climbing it will take you up to eight hours, but it will all be worth it once your reach the top of this practically symmetrical volcano.

Temples, some of the most exquisite architecture Japan has to offer, from the indoor waterfall of Kiyomizu-dera to the home of the largest bronze statue of Buddha in the Todaiji Temple, you may even catch a glimpse of a wild deer in Nara.

The breathtaking Temple of the Golden Pavilion, reflecting it’s gold leaf splendor in the adjacent pond, is one of the biggest attractions in Japan.

For a modern take on the country, the Tokyo Tower gives you a first rate view of the cosmopolitan city.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace has something for everyone, art, artifacts and architecture, take your pick.

Whether you want to embrace the Harajuku sense of style; pastel, hello kitty reminiscent, or the more refined kimonos and dragon emblazoned bomber jackets, go all out, mix different prints, have something too frilly you dare not wear anywhere else? Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in with this fashion forward nation.

Don’t forget some sunnies for all that sightseeing in the great outdoors.

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#followmeto Dubai! 🐪🐪🐪 Desert adventure by talented @theblondeabroad 📸

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World class shopping, luxury everything, deserts, beaches, artificial ski slopes, water parks, the tallest building in the world, aquariums, souks, mosques. Is there anything Dubai doesn’t have?

While all other destinations are whole countries, this is a single city in the United Arab Emirates, that holds as many, if not more attractions.

As many people flock to Dubai for the weather. It maintains a warm (if not hot) climate year round, the beaches are a great start whether for the many water-sports, or just to lounge and soak up the rays.

Kite Beach is a great choice for all of the above, while Jumeirah Beach is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat while enjoying the ocean views after a busy day jet skiing or flying your kite.

Burj means tower in Arabic, and Dubai has its fair share of them. Two must sees are Burj Khalifeh; the tallest building in the world, and Burj Al Arab; the tallest hotel in the world, which features, of all things: an underwater restaurant.

Dubai Mall is a shopping haven, a must visit for aspiring fashionistas, with its very own ice skating rink and aquarium.

Don’t miss out on the Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival in July and August.

The Dubai Creek and Deira show a more traditional side of Dubai.

Deira is the home of many markets, one of which is the largest gold bazaar in the world (they are big on setting records apparently).

Other markets include a spice market and a fish market. Take a trip across the creek in a Dhow for the full on experience.

Admire the stonework, calligraphy and Islamic architecture at the Jumeirah Mosque, an exact replica of Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

Bring your A game when it comes to attire here, and dress to the nines. The more embellishment the better, you can start with the gemstone adorned sunnies below.

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Interested in more destinations to add to your bucket list? Find some here.

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