All About Akon

Professionally, he’s called AKON. However, his real name is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam.

An American Senegalese rapper who wears different hats as a singer, songwriter, businessman, record producer, actor, and philanthropist.

Akon wasn’t aware of his musical talent until he spent some time in prison on various occasions for auto theft.

During one of his many incarcerations, he started developing his musical talent, and an appreciation for his musical background.

The offspring of a dancer mother and jazz musician + percussionist father.

Akon can play different instruments including the drums and djembe.

Apart from being among the best-selling R&B/hip hop artists of the 21st century, he’s often referred to as a hybrid artist.

This is due to his array of collaborations with different artists ranging from P Squared, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Whitney Houston to Colby O’Donis and Kardinal Offishall.

His style of music is a combination of African lyricism and urban beats.

The world was introduced to his musical talents when he released his first album titled Trouble.

The hit song Locked Up came for the album which reflected on the time he spent in prison.

He’s gone on to release two other albums Konvicted and Freedom.

As of 2012, he’s been nominated for 95 awards of which he’s won 36.

Some of his accolades include World’s Best-Selling Internet Artist in 2007.

Outside of music, he’s currently working on a reality TV show called My Brother’s Keeper.

More importantly, he’s involved in joint charity project known as Akon Lighting Africa.

The aim is to help with the provision of the steady electric supply to many as 15 countries in Africa via solar energy.

His foundation Konfidence is a charity with a strong focus on the youth, which benefits underserved children in Africa and the U.S.

He’s also a devout Muslim.

Deconstructing Suit Culture

Thankful 🙏🏿

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear matching two or three-piece suits.

But when you want to show the real you through what you wear, you need to go against the grain.

I love the look of pairing the white shirt with ripped jeans and powder blue blazer.

What do you think of this look?

Not bad for a summer soiree.

Vacation Inspiration

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Looking for what to do next on your trip to Africa?

Take to the mountains or hills and be inspired by nature.

Gondola Ride

Ride wit me 👌🏿💯

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You’ve not been to Venice until you’ve taken a ride on a Gondola.

This must be done looking stylish and comfortable.

So simple jeans and t-shirt are ideal.

And you can also add a colourful leather jacket for a pop of colour.

The All White Suit

The National Press Club. Akon Lighting Africa. #akonlightingafrica photo by Paul Morigi

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The traditional colours for men’s suits are usually black, grey, blue, or perhaps charcoal grey.

White hue is rarely added to the mix and if at all, it’s mostly at weddings.

So, trying to break the mode is a challenge.

Aside from adding colourful accessories such as ties or shirts, another way would be to go for a white suit that comes with black lapels complemented with a black or white tie.

Add an equally elegant looking glasses such as the Chopard SCHB28:

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