Alessandro Del Piero Fronts Eyewear Brand AirDP Style


All footballers across the globe get sponsored by a wide variety of brands – let’s see, there’s Neymar Jr. who’s the face of Police eyewear, Wayne Rooney sponsored by Nike and err Joe Hart in the latest Head & Shoulders advert?

But it looks as though Alessandro Del Piero wants to have a go, as he steps in to be the face of new eyewear brand AirDP Style.

Backstage video:

The new brand claim to recognise that “lightness is necessary to face life in a relaxed, fast and gentle style” and that’s exactly what method they’ve applied when designing their eyewear collection.

Whilst the brand are particularly stylish, with a touch of sportiness, the frames are also practical and have been crafted with high-tech materials to feel incredibly light to wear.  Hence their main tagline ‘Lightness of Touch’.

But apparently it wasn’t football what brought the brand and Alessandro together, at fashion trade show White Milan, Alesandro said it all started “in a game of golf.”  (From

Who knew Alessandro would turn to golf after retiring from the beautiful game.  He went onto explain why he was so interested to work on an eyewear project:

I’ve traveled a lot in recent years, and have been in countries like the States and Australia.  There I learned the importance of well done eyewear that can protect me from the sun.  Before I was not so accustomed to that.

Of course we could have told you the importance of keeping your eyes UV protected Alessandro!

Alessandro also attended one of the biggest eyewear exhibitions in the world the same weekend – Mido, in Milan.  He popped over to the brand’s booth on Saturday 27th where a large crowd gathered, but of course he also managed to nip into their newly opened store first in Italy’s fashion capital.

Unfortunately we do not supply AirDP Style at SelectSpecs, however we do keep an eye on what’s new and upcoming in the world of eyewear.  Details of their shops, or delivery options, can be seen on their website.

Do you like the look of AirDP Style?  Does Alesandro look cool as hell in their glasses? Let us know what you think below in the comments section!

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  • Maj says:

    “[Del Piero] wants to have a go?” Del Piero was the face of Persol when Rooney, Heart, and Neymar were still going to school.

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