Attention Runners & Cyclists: Recon Launch Jet Smart Eyewear


Recon: a company churning out smart eyewear designed for athletes – have they just launched their biggest product yet?

Over a year and half before Google introduced Google Glass, Recon released smart goggles with heads up displays for the winter sports market.  Today, they’re aiming to explore the outdoor activities market, attracting runners and cyclists worldwide.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear begins shipping this week, but what can it exactly do, that your smartphone or watch can’t?

GPS is built-in alongside other movement sensors, you can view speed, pace, distance, duration, heart rate and more in “real time”; the benefit supposedly being you don’t have to glance down at your watch or get your phone out of your pocket – an alleged distraction.  This various and different information can be viewed by looking down, instead of up, like one of Google’s Glass failures.

There’s also a camera to take HD photos or videos, the option to connect other fitness devices and although the wearer will be UV protected, making them essentially sunglasses, they cannot be bought with prescription lenses, but, this is being explored by Recon.  Stay tuned, they promise.

Your eyes won’t need to refocus either, ensuring you keep them on the road, track or whatever path you’re currently pelting down.  The battery lasts for approximately 4 hours, albeit great for professionals, Recon have those who enjoy (or suffer) sports at a much slower pace in mind too; a spare battery is apparently easily replaceable.

Weighing in at 85 grams they’d certainly feel slightly heavier, so our bets are on those seriously interested in their running or cycling as the Jet’s main customer – and that’s if they can afford the hefty £579.99 price tag. (Still, a bit cheaper than the £1,000 Google was asking for.)


Seemingly more beneficial to cyclists and of course those with a penchant for looking like The Terminator on the run, or pegging it away on a bike; whilst we do battle with the idea of wearable technology catching on, admittedly we’re impressed with this new sports tech arrival.  What do you think?

Check out our current tech-free, but fully functioning eyewear or UV protected sunglasses here.

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