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It’s OK to get butterflies as the new academic year approaches. Your priority as an adult responsible for a child is to ensure that certain things are in place, and ensure a smooth start at school.  

As well as referring back to the list given to you by the school, there are other things you’ll need to think about and possibly purchase.

School Procedure

Make sure that your child is familiar with the school’s policy such as:

  • What items are they allowed to bring to school?
  • Any school trips or school assembly in the first few weeks.
  • What time and day the child should arrive at school for their first day?
  • If there’s any paperwork that needs completing.

Clothing + Essentials

While the need of an older child is different from the younger ones, these basics will commonly apply to most schools.

Key items are:

Name Labels or Wash Proof Markers: As all the children will be in the same type of uniforms, it becomes essential to have your child’s name written on their belongings.


School Uniform: Make sure that the uniform purchased meets the school requirement.

Go for those with an easy iron options because they save some time.


Coats: Some schools demand that they must be of a particular colour.

It’s good to buy a lighter and thicker version to handle different weather conditions.


Socks & Comfortable Shoes: Where possible go for slip-proof options as it would help avoid accidents in the playground.

Shoes with velcro straps are a lot quicker and easier to remove than laces.


Hat, Scarf, Gloves, & a Waterproof Coat: Depending on where you are based if you are already experiencing winter by the time school starts, your child will need these winter essentials.


PE Kit: A PE bag should have a top, short or sports leggings, plimsolls, and socks.

If the child is taking swimming lesson, the child will need to have swimwear, towel, and goggles.


Other items: A rucksack or book bag, lunch box, and drink bottle.

School Supplies

Some schools do have a list of recommended products that your child needs because they fit with the school’s teaching methods.

Therefore it’s worth having a look.

Other factors to bear in mind are the child’s age and the year.


In addition to school supplies, you also need to think about eyewear whether prescription or sunglasses.

Below are some suggestions.

Prescription Glasses: Something vibrant like the Einar i2i KIDS J 6000


Sunglasses: This eye catching colour and design is also available as prescription sunglasses- Polaroid Kids PLD 8009/N

Before School Starts

Going to an older school or moving up a school year can affect the child.

So, it’s important that a routine is established earlier on to help ease the transition.

It will assist in spotting any teething problems that you might not have considered.

Other questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is the child up to date with dental and optician appointments?
  • Inform the schools of any allergy or other health issues about your child.
  • Is the child expected to take prescribed medication during school hours? If yes, Inform the school office.
  • Does the child know how to travel to and from school including alternative routes?
  • Is the child allowed to have a mobile phone at school?
  • Talk to your child to address any anxiety that he or she may have before their first day. It will hopefully help your child to avoid sudden tummy ache, tears, or tantrums at the gate.

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