Baku European Games: Sun, Sports and Shades

Last Friday (12th June) marked the beginning of the European Games 2015 being hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan. This multi-sport event will feature more than 6000 athletes from 50 different nations, competing in 20 sports.

Lady Gaga’s performance of John Lennon’s Imagine marked the opening ceremony and despite having to leave the very next day for the Bahamas, we had to show her outstanding cat-eye shades – MOSCHINO MO748S unmistakably comes to mind:

A photo posted by @ladygaga on

Back to the games however, with the burning sun and high temperatures, shades are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for many athletes competing – like cycling and the triathlon that are already under way.

Day 1 brought us Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country Mountain Bike Cycling. We witnessed great races, admired physical condition and resoluteness of competitors, but also noticed some excellent sunglasses that helped them give their maximum effort – here’s Shlomi Haimy of Israel with some highly gradient lenses.

Oakley make a number of striking models for cyclists, for instance Oakley’s OO9181 RADARLOCK PATH.  The look isn’t just designed to be eye-catching, the frame enhances the upper field of view for cyclists during use with the lenses filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light.

Oakley OO9181 Radarlock Path Sunglasses for cyclists at SelectSpecs

Oakley’s range are also suitable for runners due to their lightweight and durable design, as demonstrated by Swedish triathlon competitor Lisa Norden, seen below wearing Oakley.

The winner of the Women’s Cross-Country race, Jolanda Neff of Switzerland, had opted for high definition optics too, proving sports eyewear is built to last.

Oakley are not the only brand designed for outdoor activity addicts; Julbo are also perfect for cyclists, runners and climbers.  For example, the Julbo’s 458 GROOVY are not only supportive in helping you achieve optimum performance while in a fast moving unfriendly environment; they are a cut below some of Oakley’s prices too.

Julbo 458 GROOVY Sunglasses for Cyclists at SelectSpecs

Emil Lindgren seemed to definitely appreciate the simplicity and refinement of Nike ROAD MACHINE E EV0705, with cut holes around the top of the lens it adds ventilation and reduces fogging (particularly useful when you start to get out of breath!)

Nicola Spirig of Switzerland won the Gold medal in the Women’s Triathlon Final and is also sponsored by Oakley, seen below wearing her shades in a post-race interview.

Concluding our point if you’re looking to take your sport seriously, then it’s worth investing in some serious sport gear.

Do you have your own favourite sports shades? What are your criteria when choosing them?  Let us know below!

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