Battle of the Brands: Cavalli vs. Chloé


The big brands are doing it right this season with edgy frames, striking colours and some great shapes but with so many to choose from, how can you be sure you’re making the most of your moolah?

We compared two brand new day-to-night frames from leading luxury brands Chloé and Cavalli to show you just what you can expect from these super sexy specs.

Just Cavalli 


Reflecting on the creation of Just Cavalli as a ‘young, free spirited’ brand, this new collection of Cavalli eyewear is fresh, edgy and surprisingly wearable (and not to mention has Nicki Minaj on their side.) Inspired by the latest materials and popular styles, these frames are designed to reflect both the playfulness of youth and sleek ergonomic designs of the 21st century.

Just Cavalli JC0594 Prescription Glasses at SelectSpecs

Coming in at just over £100 the Cavalli JC0594 frames are slightly cheaper than Chloé but still have so much to offer. Although similar in design and shape, the Just Cavalli ladies frames have subtle but important differences that set them apart from others.

Cavalli offers the wearer a flatter, thicker frame that is, not surprisingly, more striking on the face. Alongside its slightly thicker frame, these specs boast a stronger, less feminine design that is perfect for women who long for a statement style without the ‘bling’.

Another great little feature of the JC0594 frames is the simplistic white ‘J’ outline, which can be seen at the base of the arms. Reflective of it’s fun and carefree style, these Just Cavalli specs are also available in a range of bright and eccentric leopard print colours. Choose the sleek black or Havana frames for a wearable day-to-night look or opt for something a little more unique in colour for a great weekend style.



Chloé eyewear captures the beautifully feminine essence of its clothing brand, boasting superior shapes and materials whilst still producing a collection that is both accessible and wearable. Reflecting on its chic, fluid designs Chloé successfully weaves it’s core brand style into its entire glasses range.

Chloe CE2657 Prescription Glasses at SelectSpecs

So, what makes these frames extra special?  The CE2657 frames are the perfect day to night glasses with a creative but subtle shape, making them perfect for ladies who want to stand out and blend in all at once.

The sleek, thin frames ensure that these specs are incredibly wearable and their fluid shape adds to their overall superior look. Simple gold detailing on each corner gives these frames an extra special edge over glasses of a similar style and truly reflects the simplicity of the Chloé brand.

Another advantage of these wearable office frames is the choice of colours available. Unlike many of its luxury counterparts, Chloé offers the wearer a great deal of choice, with options available in black (as pictured), brown, bordeaux, red and honey, giving you a whole lot more for your money.

Uniquely wearable frames are everywhere this year, with a range of styles to suit even the most eccentric of characters. So whether you crave lashings of colour or specs that are sleek and simple, you’re certain to find a luxury design that you’ll love!

Which brand do you prefer – Cavalli or Chloé?

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