Beach Outing With The Kids: What To Bring

Even before we set out on the trip, we’ve already imagined how we want to the day to turn out. For the most part, we see ourselves resting our tired bodies on the sun loungers as we enjoy the sun.

We think of the kids having the freedom to roam freely within the safety reach of our eyes.

Of all the major things to pack, our first thoughts are usually on food.

All the saved images from Instagram have become the source of food inspirations.

With young children, anything can happen, so packing these essential items means that we all get to enjoy ourselves.


Whichever method that works best for you – memo, notepad or your smartphone- start writing down the things that you’ll need to take with you – ideally a week before.

Kids Sunglasses

Just like adults, children also need sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun.

Below are some styles for boys and girls if you are thinking of buying one.

For fun and vibrant design, something like Polaroid Kids P0115 would be ideal.

A unisex design that your kids will enjoy putting on.

An alternative style is the Ray-Ban JUNIOR RJ9537S

Sun Cream

As obvious as it may sound, you’ll surprise how many beachgoers that forget to apply sun cream, yet alone bring one along with them.

Remember the skin is very delicate and as such should be protected at all time.

Rather than buy sun cream that looks so white and pasty, you can go for the aerosol free sunscreen mist with cooling effect by Supergoop.

You can apply it on wet skin and it’s water resistant.

Apply every two hours and after swimming.


You know that feeling when you lift up your new terry towels from your shopping bag for the first time? We LOVE it!

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As ordinary as it may sound, never underestimate the importance of towels when kids are involved.

They’re likely to be dropped on the sandy beach.

Can you imagine the feel of a sandy towel on wet skin?

Enough said, bring as many as you can carry.

Spare Set of Clothes

This day out to the beach is not to restrict playing.

Let them have fun with the sand and have all the freedom that comes with playing outside.

And for this to work, you’ll need to bring a spare set of clothes, including underwear for a sand free ride home.

Beach Chairs

It’s better to enquire at the beach you intend to travel to find out if they have beach chairs for hire.

If they don’t, then it’s ideal to bring you own beach chairs if possible.

They are much more comfortable than having to sit on towels.


Summer #beachtoys

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Try to avoid bringing brand new toys to the beach, unless you’re happy for them to get dirty and possibly get lost in the heaps of sand.

Shovels, buckets, softballs are still better options.

Zip-Lock Bags & Snacks

They are perfect for packing snacks, storing away wet clothes or anything else you want to keep away from getting wet or sandy.

Go for bite size snacks, as they are much easier to eat straight away and are less messy.

Anything from sandwiches to fruits or even homemade pastries are best cut in quarters.

First Aid Kit

Just in case there’s an accident such as a fail or graze, it’s better to have something that’s within your reach.

What you don’t want is to start asking around for the nearest chemist.

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