Beauty & Eyewear: Secret Hacks to Live By

Everyone loves a good hack. Designed to save you from the trials and tribulations of day to day life with quick fixes for issues we all face.

Here are some useful hacks in the world of beauty and, of course, your trusty specs or sunnies:

Embellish your Own Specs

Let your inner artistic shine through.

Keep detailing simple with stripes or polka dots. It’s as easy as painting your nails and you can even use nail polish!

Rhinestones are another fun option. Sharpies or other permanent markers are also an alternative. Try a metallic shade. Get creative and the sky’s the limit.

For your first attempt at least, opt for some simple budget eyewear to experiment with:

Staying Power

So you’ve been wearing you’re glasses for a few hours, and you look down to read something and feel it, the slow slip as your glasses slide down the bridge of your nose. We’ve all been there.

But little did we know, there are a couple of simple solutions for this annoying occurrence.

Grab a couple of generic hair ties. The thinner the better, and an elastic band works just fine too.

Loop them a few times around each earpiece and, voila! Pop your glasses back on and the hair ties will be hidden in your hair, but will give you that added grip.

Another great tip is to mattify the area where your glasses sit with a primer for greasy skin, blotting pads or powder. It will help your specs stay in their rightful place for longer.

Need a little extra support? Check out the pieces below.

Spec Friendly Hairstyles 

It’s a windy day, your hair is flowing and your sunnies are on. You push them up when you get indoors, and a tangled mess ensues when you attempt to remove them. We’ve all been there.

Here are some hairstyles that will help you avoid the tangle monster:

Milkmaid braids, or any kind of braid for that matter, from fishtail to side braid, or even a classic braid we all know and love.

Topknot, ballerina bun … you get the idea.

The gist here is keep your hair stylishly tucked away, and if all else fails, opt for glasses without pesky metal nosepads for your tresses to get tangled in.

For example:

Cleanliness is next to Godliness 

That greasy smudge smack in the middle of your vision has been there all day, and you can’t seem to find a way to get rid of it completely.

Fun fact: it can easily be diluted with dish-soap or a microfibre cloth.

Scratches on your favourite specs got you down? Nothing a little generic toothpaste can’t fix. All out of toothpaste? A mixture of two parts baking soda to one part water makes a paste that works just as well on those pesky scratches.

Want to be smudge free on the go?

Keep these in your bag or car for easy access and have squeaky clean specs all day, everyday.


Brows on Fleek

Your eyebrows not only frame your face but also, your glasses.

Groomed and emphasised brows can add appeal to your bespectacled peepers. However, if you choose to tame your brows, make sure they suit your face shape and are about two shades lighter than your hair (to look natural, if that’s the look you’re going for).

Making the arch of your brows more prominent can be another interesting way of highlighting them.

Whether pencil, powder, or gel, let the brow games begin.

Keep those brows visible with a pair of these:

Rise & Shine Bright Eyes

All good things must have drawbacks, and sadly the drawback of glasses is the shadow they cast over your under-eye area. But that’s nothing a little orange colour correcting concealer can’t fix.

Blend, blend, blend and follow with brightening concealer. Finally, set or bake with yellow toned powder to avoid shininess.

A good rule to remember here is to apply concealer in a triangular shape stretching from your under eye to the sides of your nose and blend out.

The Glasses, the Case & the Wardrobe

The days of throwing your sunnies into your bag when you take them off are well and truly over. Avoid scratching your prized possession with a colourful case. And it will be easy to spot in your bag (even if it is akin to Mary Poppins’).

When in your humble abode, having your glasses easily accessible, or just on display is ideal.

Find the best tips on just how to do that here.

Picture Perfect

Do you give new meaning to the words “camera shy” ? Well, avoid the camera no longer.

Use natural light to your advantage, as back lighting can be your friend here. Play with angles and find one that not only compliments your features, but minimises the glare on our specs too.

Headache Healing

The dreaded moment we all know too well, your temples start to throb and you know what’s coming. Glasses can be both the culprit and solution for some headaches. Consult your GP if headaches persist.

Here are a few tips and tricks to soothe your tired eyes or aching head:

Finding the cause of your headache is the easiest way to find it’s remedy. Sat in front of a computer screen all day? Invest in some antiglare coating on your lenses.

Focused on something for too long? look into the distance at intervals to rest your strained eyes.

Not working? Try sitting in darkness with your eyes open, or pamper yourself with a cold compress like the one below:

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