Become More Likable By Spending Time With A Variety Of People

Do you often have one of those days where you feel really bad? Where your body is aching; your muscles are twitching, and your brain needs a break from everything.

You just feel like you want to jet off to Hawaii or the Caribbean with the people you love and worry about nothing.

Sometimes, we get the feeling that we work too much.

Spending 8-9 hours a day in the office, grocery shopping for an hour, driving or walking from and to work for another hour, washing, showering, gymming and doing the household work for another 2-3 hours.

If we add up all the hours we spend to go about a normal day, how many hours do we have left to enjoy ourselves?

Maybe 30 minutes before you go to sleep reading a book.

Life is not tough; people make it that way.

In Sweden, some companies have introduced 6 hour working days.

People are doing more in less time, production has increased, and everyone’s happy.

Read the Full article on the Independent: Employers in Sweden introduce six-hour work day.

When you feel the day is long and going really slow, I would suggest you do those two things:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

I find so many people are afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

I am not sure why, but people who have higher positions tend to almost never come to their employees for advice.

For example, my manager would hardly ask for advice whether for business or personal reasons.

They would always go to someone with the same job title or position and seek help.

Some people think because they have a senior position they know better than everyone working under them.

This could be true, but not at all times.

Such notions destroy work relationships, creates backstabbing, tattle telling, and distrust among the organization’s employees.

During lunchtime, seniors and managers often sit together; office workers at their own table, cleaners, and so on.

Many times, I find while having lunch, that some sit on their own and others don’t feel comfortable eating with a colleague.

An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager. – Bob Nelson

People must seek advice from everyone around them in order to feel connected, valued, and appreciated.

Hence the term team work.

2. Spend Time With Different People

Do you know who I enjoy having lunch with the most?

The lowest paid workers, also known as Cleaners.


They are the humblest people in the company, if not on this planet.

They don’t hide their real selves, there is authenticity in their speech, they speak the truth, and make you feel comfortable being around them.

The reason is because they do not feel a sense of ego derived from their job position or title.

They are simply people who do their jobs, have a laugh, go home and have a life.

They do not worry about promotions or salary raises and live everyday as it comes.

I always feel proud having lunch with them when everyone else tries to distance themselves away.

Having acquaintances from different backgrounds, jobs, titles, positions, and financial statuses will benefit you more than any studies.

They say you must take everything good from the people around you, and apply them to yourself.

How about adding learning and sharing experiences among the people you come across in life?

When I was in Dubai, I would have so much fun with taxi drivers, waiters, or building workers.

Most of them were from developing countries, they were so full of laughter and life, you’d always find them joking around and smiling genuinely.

A piece of advice for today: on your next lunch break try and sit with a cleaner or a very low office worker and strike a conversation.

I promise the quality time and conversation will make you wish your day was longer.

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