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Beauty sleep is something we all seek, but not all of us find. Waking up with a newly formed breakout or huge bags under our eyes; feeling shockingly even more tired than when we went to bed, is something we have all experienced at one point or another.

A lot of it has to do with the quality of our sleep.

One novel way of making conscious choices to improve your sleep is through being selective about the things that you give a home on your bedside table or nightstand.

Normally it’s your phone, charger and yesterday’s cup of tea, plus random knick knacks that somehow find their way there and stay there.

Here is a list of the things that should be on it, as well as a few that shouldn’t.

Specs & Related Paraphernalia

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Squinting is never attractive and it has lasting effects known as wrinkles, as well as the damage to your eyes caused by not wearing your specs and the strain that causes.

You should only really be taking your glasses off before you sleep depending on long or short distance, but still.

Or if you aren’t wearing glasses all day, but need them for reading, have a pair by the bed. That way it’s easier to make a habit of using them.

Another great idea is to have a glasses stand, usually decorative as well as functional, or case to protect those glasses from the other dwellers of your nightstand.

Now here are some flattering, fun glasses options (because you can look good in bed too). Colourful, eye catching and a great shape, win, win, win.

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A classic shape, that suits most faces, what’s not to like?

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Large and in charge, make a statement while lounging in bed reading your favorite page turner.

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Barely there, but cat eye-licious all the same, transparent specs are the new it thing.

Water Carafe

This one is a no brainer, a water carafe is a great way to remind yourself to drink those famous eight glasses.

They can add a spa like feel to your boudoir. Add some lemon or mint slices, chia seeds, or anything you fancy really, to add a hint of flavour to your H2O.

Skincare Products

Island nightstand essentials

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A few choice skin care items; that you use before bed, should find a place of honor on your nightstand.

A rich night cream or oil, a serum for problematic skin, a lip balm, overnight mask, eye cream or body lotion, and last but not least a hair treatment.

Braid your hair, if possible, to avoid product everywhere or damage to your follicles.

This may seem like a lot, but it’s called beauty sleep for a reason.

This is the time when your cells rejuvenate, so use it wisely. You can keep them in a small basket to stay organized, but remain visible, so you don’t forget.

Eye Mask

Complete darkness during sleep is needed to set our biological clock correctly and to help our bodies know when they are tired, or even hungry.

So calibrate your circadian rhythm with a fun, silky (to avoid damaging the delicate eye area) eye mask (cat ears optional).

They are also a life saver if you keep different hours to your spouse or significant other.

A Book (Not Several)

If you find it hard to get to sleep, you are not alone.

Get to bed a little earlier and give yourself time to unwind with your favourite book, sudoku puzzle to promote a healthy mind, or an adult colouring book to distress (not your phone, tablet, or laptop).

Bedroom Plant

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While plants in general are notorious for being bad roommates (they consume Oxygen at night), a few are healthy bedroom buddies.

Plants like Jasmine, Aloe Vera and Lavendar or Snake Plant, can reduce stress and anxiety, purify the air (snake plant), and have a myriad of health benefits, and are beautiful to boot.

Just don’t over do it.


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A humidifier can not only add moisture, purify the air, and ease breathing, but you can also add aromatherapy oils to the water, that promote peaceful sleep (like lavender).

Not your Phone or Charger

Your phone should live somewhere other than your bedroom ideally.

Get an alarm clock if it acts as your current alarm, as the light produced by the screen inhibits sleep, leave your phone and charger as far away from you as possible during sleep.

This goes for laptops and tablets too. Your bedroom, and nightstand at the very least, should be a phone free zone.

Another great idea to better sleep is to declutter and create more peaceful surroundings, find the best tips on how, here

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