Best Eye-Catching Sunglasses for the Festival Season

We know it; lots of you out there live for festivals. They are a chance to discover new music, meet new people you would never meet otherwise and wear clothes and accessories that would get you disinherited straight away if your parents were to find out. And if there is a must-have accessory for the festival season, then it’s gotta be sunglasses.

A cool pair of sunnies will not only protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, but will also help you hide almost any sin. Whether you have dropped your make-up bag in the mud or have sleepless eyes from guzzling pints into the wee hours of the morning, sunglasses will be your best friends. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, forget about wearing silly hats and go for a distinct and unique pair of sunglasses.

Round rimmed sunglasses and wayfarers dominate at festivals every year but why not choose a quirky frame to complement your festival outfit? Try not overdoing it though or you will be the weirdo avoided by everyone.

Here you are my recommendations on sunglasses for this summer’s festival season, there is a model to suit every pocket and style!

Dolce & Gabbana Almond Flowers

Dolce and Gabbana Almond Flowers Sunglasses

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This exclusive unique pair of limited edition Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are not designed to be taken to festivals unless you have a VIP pass and are a particularly sensitive person with a hard case to keep your sunglasses in at night. However, I could not resist showcasing them as they are so hippy and seem to have been designed just to be showed off at festivals!

Oxydo OX1070

Oxydo 1070 Colourful Checkered Sunglasses

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The Oxydo OX1070 are much more affordable than D&G’s flowery masterpiece model above but still make the perfect pair to achieve a cool and gorgeous look. These sunglasses are quirky, yet trendy and cool and you can get them for less £100!

Ray-Ban’s Original Wayfarer


RayBan Wayfarer Havana Sunglasses

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Ice Pop

RayBan Wayfarer IcePop Sunglasses

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Wayfarers are almost a necessary piece to any summer festival outfit. The timeless frame can also be a perfect choice for festival-goers if the right pattern is chosen and these two won’t disappoint anyone. Both Havana and Ice Pop models can be prescription glasses and the price is below £100. Not bad for a pair of stunning Ray-Bans!

Dolce & Gabanna Stripes

DG4202 Stripes

Dolce and Gabbana Stripes

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DG4181P Stripes Special Project

Dolce and Gabbana Special

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Two more perky models from Dolce & Gabbana. The DG 4202 is a stunning pair of flowery-patterned sunglasses which will make their wearer look dangerously delicate. The stripes special project is a unique easily-likable unisex model, which comes in three wonderful combinations of colours. Both are smart but still fun enough to match perfectly the festival atmosphere.

Savannah J2310

Savannah J2310

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For those of you who are skint after buying the tickets for the festival but still want to stand out, the Savannah J2310 is a good choice. They can also be prescription glasses so, for only £14.95, they are a very good choice for those who can be found at the front dancing and jumping in various states of debauchery.

Novus 2204

Novus 2204

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This affordable pair of sunglasses will leave festival goers wondering whether you are the latest addition to the Kardashian clan. The Novus 224 are stylish with a hippy touch and perfectly integrate within any festival outfit. The fact that they are only £5 makes them even more attractive; get one pair for each festival day!

Browse through SelectSpecs’ enormous choice of colourful sunglasses and select yours to impress festival-goers this summer! I would love to see which sunnies you finally chose so, share your festival pictures with us on the social links below and tag us @SelectSpecs!

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