Best Frames For Your Eye Colour

When it comes to wearing specs, did you know that the colour and style of your frames can really emphasize the colour of your eyes? Wearing the right colour will ensure that your eyes really stand out, rather than overshadowing them.

We have put together this handy guide to help you make the right choice when choosing your next pair of glasses.

Make sure you follow our tips and start wearing the most flattering piece of eyewear you’ve ever owned!


Blue Eyes

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If you have blue eyes, then there are a variety of different coloured frames you could go for.

Blue and orange are contrasting colours and really make each other stand out, so you could go for a copper, gold or orange pair of specs to really make those eyes pop.

For example, the Savannah P2395 – Demi would be a fab option.

With their orange and brown tortoiseshell design, these specs would offer a gorgeous contrast to your blue eyes.

We love the retro styling of these too – perfect to add some style to your everyday outfit.

Savannah P2395 - Demi

Savannah P2395 – Demi

Alternatively, you could intensify the colour of your eyes by going for a blue or purple pair.

The similar colour tone will work with your eyes really well and just emphasize their colour.

Go for the Icy Eyewear – Plastics Icy 278.

We love the gorgeous transparent cobalt blue frames and the simple and fashionable design.

Icy Eyewear - Plastics Icy 278

Icy Eyewear – Plastics Icy 278

Green Eyes

If you are blessed with gorgeous green eyes, then once again there are a couple of different options you could go for.

Give a gorgeous contrast to those eyes by going for a purple or pink pair of specs.

These colours work so well with green eyes and will really brighten and intensify their colour.

Go for the INC Vision INC 6006.

These stunning bright pink glasses really make a big statement and will be so flattering on your colouring.

 INC Vision INC 6006

INC Vision INC 6006

Alternatively, green eyes look gorgeous against earthy tones such as brown, grey or gold.

The Savannah 8121 – Brown are a super trendy wayfarer design and feature a lovely dark brown colouring – perfect for those emerald peepers!

Savannah 8121 - Brown

Savannah 8121 – Brown

Brown Eyes

Brown eyed babes are fortunate as they can wear glasses in a huge variety of different colours.

One of the best colours to go for though would be earthy browns and golds, which will really compliment your eyes.

The Ray-Ban RX6392 feature a super trendy round frame and thin gold metal frames.

The blue on the temples adds a gorgeous pop of colour.

Ray-Ban RX6392

Ray-Ban RX6392

Alternatively, if you want to make a bit of statement then brown eyed girls can get away with green framed specs.

Perhaps looks for an olive or emerald green frame – so pretty!

The Savannah 8121 – Combat Green would be a fab option to go for.

Savannah 8121 - Combat Green

Savannah 8121 – Combat Green

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are one of the rarest eye colours out there – they are a mixture of several different colours, usually brown and green.

They vary from person to person and can sometimes appear to have gold flecks and some even have an element of blue in different lights!

Because of this, it can be difficult to recommend a one-pair-suits-all pair of frames.

We would recommend going for a pair of brown, gold or grey frames.

Grey or silver frames will just help to emphasize the variety of beautiful colours in your eyes!

The Ray-Ban RX6489 are so popular at the moment, with their aviator style and thin silver frame.

 Ray-Ban RX6489

Ray-Ban RX6489

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