Best Presents For Expecting Mums

If you have a friend, sister, work colleague, or relative who is expecting a new arrival soon, you may be thinking about what to buy them.

It is always lovely to buy a present for the new baby, and these gifts will always go down well.

But don’t forget about the mum!

You can’t go wrong by getting a little treat for her too, and it will remind her of how special and important she is.

We have compiled together some of the best present ideas for the mum-to-be, to make the gift shopping just a little bit easier.


1. Pedicure

A great idea for the mum-to-be is to buy a pedicure voucher for her to use when she wants.

Being pregnant can be tough on your feet, legs, and it is difficult to paint your own toe nails (hence the bump).

A mum-to-be would really appreciate this present – they deserve a treat.

2. Beauty Products

Whether it is a lip gloss, a body moisturizer, some eye cream, or a new mascara, a lady can never have too many beauty products.

Try and do a bit of research to find out if the expecting mum is running low on anything or if they have their eye on a new product.

New beauty products will remind mum how beautiful she is, and will ensure she is properly looking after herself and not just the new addition.

3. Sunglasses

Everyone loves a pair of sunglasses.

They hide a multitude of sins and are a trendy addition to any look.

Take a look at the sunglasses the mum already has, try to get a similar style in a slightly different colour.

At least then you will know the similar pair will suit them.

Steal the mum’s style above with the Dior DIORAMA1.

These gorgeous glitzy sunglasses are really something special and unique.

The cat-eye shape is super feminine and glamorous, whilst the grey/silver colouring would suit a wide range of different skin tones and hair colours.



4.  Frozen Food

This is a slightly strange one, but bear with us.

The last thing the new mum is going to want to do is spend hours slaving over a hot stove and chopping up endless vegetables.

She will be too tired with more important things to do like getting to know her new baby.

Frozen food is a practical and thoughtful option.

Get some of mum’s favourite classics in frozen form, or cook your own meals from scratch and freeze them for her.

She will be so grateful!

5. Cleaning or Ironing Voucher

If you do a bit of research, you can find many cleaning and ironing companies local to her.

Why not grab a voucher for one of these companies which mum would be able to use when needed?

It would take a lot of pressure off her to know that these two big chores are sorted, plus she gets to spend more quality time with her family.


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