Best Running Sunglasses: From Hi-tech to Budget

Running Sunset Sunglasses
Running Sunset Sunglasses

Finding the right running glasses can be difficult. After spending hours reading mind-boggling lists of technological advances and superior aerodynamics, it can sometimes feel like just sticking to what you’ve got might be the best option.

Well fear not, because all the hard work and jargon busting has just been done for you!

Nike Tailwind

First up is the Nike Tailwind, importantly these are very lightweight owing to the minimal half frames made from super-light materials. They fit quite closely to the face but the slim frames also allow excellent ventilation, helping you to stay cool.

The floating nose pad absorbs impact as you run which is brilliant news for any runner. A great feature of these frames is that they accommodate Nike interchange lenses, meaning you just click out and swap lenses depending on the light conditions, day or night.

As if the list wasn’t long enough, the lenses also feature Nike Speed Tint technology, this is particularly useful for those who often run on the road as it blocks light reflection from hard surfaces, in turn reducing the strain on your eyes. Find this style at TAILWIND 12 E EV0656.

Bollé Bounty

Bollé have managed to create some really simple, sleek frames, casual enough for everyday wear, but with so many hi-tech benefits. These frames are made from nylon, meaning they’re lightweight and flexible. The lenses on this design are seriously clever, they feature bClear lens technology, a coating that repels smudges and moisture (helping you not to steam up) and for the off road runners it also repels mud, hooray!

The lenses are polycarbonate which is incredibly light so won’t slow you down. Using such a light material means Bolle could afford to design a larger lens which protects your eyes from the elements as well as harmful UV rays. On top of this the lenses are also photochromic, meaning they react instantly to changes in light.

Finally, the Bounty frames feature thermogrip nose pads and temple tips which help to keep frames secure. The thermogrip works because as a material it is hydrophilic, meaning it absorbs moisture quickly, preventing slips. If you fancy a pair of these find them under Bollé Bounty, they come in five different colours so you should be able to find one to match your trainers!

Cébé S’track

These sunglasses were developed alongside Sébastien Chaigneau, French endurance athlete and Ultra Trail champion. Stability is at the core of this design.

V shaped temples allow weight to be distributed evenly, allowing for unparalleled stability and increased comfort. Alongside this adjustable nose pads and a flexible frame made of nylon and other soft materials allows maximum flexibility, comfort, and safety.

Ventilation was another key factor in the design of these glasses, holes in the lenses and temples increases airflow and prevents fogging. Like the Bounty sunglasses, the S’track also features photochromic lenses, which are polarized to reduce dazzle. Again like Nike, they feature interchangeable lenses, for day and night wear.

In case they’re sounding too good to be true, they come in eleven different colours, that’s almost one for every month of the year. Find these at Cebe S’Track.

Adidas Tycane Pro

These frames have a smooth aerodynamic shape, allowing for a really wide field of vision. The wrap around shape protects your eyes from the elements and stops the glasses from dismounting.

The temples feature a patented quick release hinge, allowing the legs to simply click on and off, probably designed with safety in mind, but also useful for if they accidentally get a bit squashed at the bottom of a gym bag.

This shape of frame is designed so it can be worn pressure free with headwear, so hats for summer running are great, but if you fancy cycling these sunglasses will work great under a helmet too.

An interesting feature of these glasses is their compatibility with Adidas’ RXO Rigid Performance Inserts. These add-ons are designed for those who need prescription lenses, the optical insert is secured behind the bridge, meaning it is very stable and virtually invisible.

The Tycane Pro frames need a large frame insert to fit properly. If you feel like getting your hands on a pair of these find them at a189 Tycane Pro Polarized.


For those on a budget, the Savannah 8121 provides a wallet-friendly option. These frames are a classic wayfarer style and are prescription ready.

The matte rubber finish of these glasses means they’re less likely to slip when you’re sweating it out and the simple design means these will look just as at home out for a run as they will complimenting a casual outfit. Find them under Savannah 8121

That’s the end of the list, hopefully it has helped you pinpoint the pair of sunglasses that could keep your eyes protected on your next run – if not at least you’ll be able to impress your mates with your knowledge of hydrophilic materials.


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