Best Sunglasses For Golf

Whether you are a seasoned golfer on an occasional putter, wearing the right pair of sunglasses is a total priority. When playing golf, you will be spending hours outside, putting your eyes at considerable risk of being damaged by the sun.

So, make sure you are prepared for your next session on the green!

Read our article below to find out which are the best sunglasses to wear for this awesome sport.

Bolle Flash

Bolle Flash

Bolle Flash

The Bolle Flash are your go-to piece of eyewear for your next game.

They are incredibly lightweight, as they have a very minimal frame, giving a ‘barely there’ feel.

The temples are made from a polycarbonate material, which is exceptionally robust, but also feather light.

The lenses feature a coating which helps to repel dust, dirt, and scratches – ideal if you are trying to get out of a tricky bunker!

They also feature a snug wraparound design, which will give you a great fit and a superb field of vision.

Check out Grey Havret wearing this exact pair below.

Bolle Keel

Bolle Keel

Bolle Keel

The Bolle Keel are a fab option for your active lifestyle and will serve you well throughout your game.

Once again they have a wrap around design for a great range of vision.

They are also made from a soft grip material which will ensure that they stay put on your face, even if you get sweaty.

They have an adjustable nose pad to ensure the perfect fit for everyone.

The polarized lenses will also help to protect your eyes from glare – really important if you are playing next to water.

Take a look at Gregory Molteni wearing this pair in his game below.

Oakley OO9181 RADARLOCK PATH (Standard) (2/2)

 Oakley OO9181 RADARLOCK PATH (Standard) (2/2)

Oakley OO9181 RADARLOCK PATH (Standard) (2/2)

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These Oakley sunglasses have been seen on many professional golfers recently.

They are designed to provide the perfect fit for anyyone who wears them.

The nose pads and ear socks are adjustable, so you can find the fit which is right for you.

Air flow and ventilation have really been taken into consideration, so you won’t get too hot behind your sunnies.

This also helps to prevent the lenses fogging up, so you will always have perfect vision!

The lenses are interchangeable as well, which is a really useful feature.

You can always be sure you have the correct lenses for the weather conditions and level of sunlight.

Take a look at Hideki Matsuyama wearing these Oakley sunglasses below.

Bolle Bolt

Bolle Bolt

Bolle Bolt

The Bolle Bolt are another pair of fantastic sunglasses which are both light and durable.

They have a minimal frame and vents in the temples to allow maximum airflow and ventilation.

The nose pads are adjustable for a great fit, whilst the wrap around design would stay snug to your head.

Once again this pair feature polarized lenses to protect from glare and ensure your vision is as good as possible.

Check out the golfer wearing this pair below!

Find out which lens colour is right for you

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