Best Vision and Eye Health Apps in 2018

Best Eye Health Apps 2018

Eye-related apps can be a quick, convenient and handy way to check and train our eyes on a regular basis, without the need to seek outside help. Whilst this can be great peace of mind for those who are concerned about eye health, they are in no way a replacement for seeing an eye doctor.

Having an eye examination with an optometrist every two years (or more) is essential if you want to keep your eyes as healthy as can be and preserve your vision well into old age. But there are some apps out there that could make life a little easier for you…

Here are the best vision and eye health apps to try this year:


Best Eye Health Apps 2018 ULTIMEYES®

This app by Carrot Neurotechnology and Dr Aaron Seitz of the University of California is the ultimate training for your eyes, and there’s also a POA version accessible to eyecare professionals only.

ULTIMEYES® is £0.99 to download and can help you track your progress through different eye exercises designed to improve visual acuity, reaction speed, contrast sensitivity and more. The ULTIMEYES® app tailors each session to you using proprietary algorithms, in order to provide training based on your needs.


Best Eye Health Apps 2018

Tired of needing reading glasses every time you want to look at a menu? This incredible app by EYEKON E.R.D Ltd has been created to train your vision to read without glasses, eliminating your dependency on specs.

This is done by altering the brain’s image processing function and improving it through 12-minute personalised training sessions. According to the app creators, using it three times a week for a period of two months can make a noticeable difference to your eyesight.

Magnifying Glass with Light

Best Eye Health Apps 2018 glassesoff

If you’re always losing your reading glasses, this Magnifying Glass app could come in handy the next time you need to read something like a book, letter or receipt. It comes with a light function (which accesses your built-in torch), so it’s useful when you don’t have enough task lighting in the room.

You have the ability to take a snapshot just like a camera, and the lighting intensity can be adjusted between 0-100% for the perfect illumination. If you prefer to save the battery on your phone, why not purchase a pocket-sized magnifier so you can carry it with you everywhere you go? The Eschenbach Mobilux LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier is the perfect size for everyday use and travel.

magnifier with LED for reading

Eschenbach Mobilux LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

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Eye Chart HD

Best Eye Health Apps 2018 eye test

Getting your eyes tested by a professional is very important because an optician can check your eyes for any early signs of disease. Not only that but they have been trained to test your eyes in the most accurate way, and can provide you with the best advice on what glasses or contact lenses to get.

Apps are in no way a replacement for real-life check-ups with the doc, but if you want to check your vision just for curiosity (or you wish to monitor your eyes in between examinations), Eye Chart HD could be worth downloading. Over 1 million people have downloaded it already, and it’s completely free.

Colorblind Eye Exam Test

Best Eye Health Apps 2018 colourblind test

The Colorblind Eye Exam Test (remember to search with the American spelling when looking for the app) is a fantastic tool to check whether you or your family are colour deficient. The quick colour blindness test can help you find out whether children or other family members are colour blind, particularly in the red and green tones. The application has been approved by eye doctors and can give you a very accurate result.

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