Big Bang Theory’s Penny and Leonard: On or Off?


A little known fact about The Big Bang Theory is that Kaley Cuoco (Penny) and Johnny Glecki (Leonard) used to date in real life and Johnny even sat on the front row of the wedding of Kaley and her husband two years ago. However, now Kaley and her husband have divorced the rumour mill has begun again, could Kaley and Johnny be dating again in real life?

Recently in the Daily Mail there was a photo of Kaley and Johnny sat under a tree fist bumping, while Johnny waited for the return of the fist bump Kaley raised her shoulders in question as to confirm there was confusion over the fact that they may or may not be dating again – who knows?

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Could it be the glasses that make Kaley want to come back to Johnny’s loving arms?  After all, glasses can make you up to 75% more attractive to the opposite sex, apparently.

Guessing it is that and if you think Leonard’s, or Johnny’s look works for him you may not realise you don’t need a big budget in order to get it (as in the glasses) – our Hallmark 8812 black framed prescription glasses are just £29.50, offering excellent value for money but do not skimp on material.

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Alternatively, if you are looking to spend a little more on your everyday glasses a new brand to SelectSpecs are Barbour.  But, more importantly in this case are the Barbour BO25 prescription glasses are good for those going for the intellectual look and available in black or brown shell.  These glasses scream intelligence and sophistication and at just £61.60 they scream bargain too.

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Kaley on the other hand, not usually a glasses wearer on or off screen, went for some edgy sunglasses we reckon could be the Fendi DD 0060/S!  It’s been a popular model amongst celebs and has a unique silver pointed temple that makes them stand out, which led us to believe they were this model in the first place.


So what do you think; should Kaley and Johnny get back together again?  Does Johnny look better with or without glasses?  We don’t know, but they certainly make for a cute couple on TV!

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