Biggest Trend Of The Year: Semi-Transparent Sunglasses

You might have noticed but this year’s biggest trend (so far anyway!) HAS to be clear sunglasses and fake glasses. If you haven’t noticed, where have you been hiding?!

Anyone who is anyone has been rocking the clear lenses, from oversized frames to tinted colour lenses, it’s the latest must-have accessory.

Summer may be over for some of us around the world, but if you’re lucky enough to be going away, or if you’re looking for a quirky accessory to spice up an outfit, then we’ve picked some of our favourite semi-transparent coloured lenses sunglasses which might be right up your street!

Take a look at the pieces we’ve picked out!


We don’t know about you, but we’ve always been attracted to blue things – remember blue slush puppies?! Blue has the connotation of being retro and cool, so getting blue glasses instantly makes us feel cool.

We’ve picked out these pair from Police because they tick not only one trend, but two! The blue tinted lenses are bang on the colour lenses trend, whilst the round shape tapped into the John Lennon-


frames. Two styles in one, what a bargain!


These are for people who are unsure about the trend but want to subtly try it out or for those who don’t really want to wear but the trend but aren’t a huge fan of colour. These coloured but neutral lenses will have the same effect as your eyes will be on show but without the full attention!
Our top pick is these from Savannah. The wayfarer style is, and has always, been popular and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.


Probably the most popular choice of colour has to be yellow. It’s quirky, fun and when wearing yellow sunglasses, it makes everything look better because everything is brighter. It literally makes a dull day brighter.
Yellow is a great way to join the 90s trend — think ‘Clueless’ vibes. These frames from Vogue are a beautiful pair. The oversize frames are perfect for no make-up days, running errand days and for trying to keep the haters out!


If you’re on Instagram, you might have seen that red is a colour which has been hugely popular this year. From Hailey Baldwin to Gigi Hadid, if it’s good enough for models then it’s good enough for us!

oldie but a goodie .. my handsome 😍!! missing you already X

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Red gives us mysterious, bad girl vibes — a look perfect for anyone who wants to look hot but fierce at the same time!
One of our favourite pairs right now is these by Adidas. Similar to the first pair, the round shape is a very popular trend, whilst the nose padding will give you support and stop your glasses from falling down.
If you’re looking for the trends coming next year, check out our post on the trends we saw at London Fashion Week SS18: Best Eyewear to get ahead of the fashion pack!

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