Billboard Top 100 Star Style

Billboard is the elite competition of artists and songs. If your name is in this Top, you know your lyrics reach the audience even better than you thought. It is the equivalent of a designer seeing his creations exposed at Milan Fashion Week.

The most impressive aspect about the Billboard Top 100 is the number of its high-ranked celebrities.

From veterans of the stage like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber to new faces like Julia Michaels or Dua Lipa, from the flamboyant style of Katy Perry to the non-conformist outfits of The Weekend.

But no more words, let’s get to work.

Sunglasses complete the image of an artist, and confer a special and stylish feature: the transformation into a full-fledged star. Where do our singers stand in terms of love for shades?

The Shape of Ray-Bans

Throwback to coconuts on the roadside in Ghana with @fuseodg and @killbeatzgh

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The Halifax-born singer might not be a fashion icon as Justin Timberlake or John Legend. But he feels natural in his skin and this didn’t stop him from making a 5-star choice in terms of sunglasses: The Ray-Ban RB2176 CLUBMASTER FOLDING. 

A classic choice in terms of horn-rimmed shades, this product is iconic and stylish.

Its design combines two main colors, black and gold, and this generates a moving target for the blitz of the camera.

Easy to wear and ideal for round-shaped faces, you will be in love with the shape of RB2176.

Billionaire With Aviators


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Flamboyant and outrageously cool. This is Bruno Mars, the brilliant voice and show-stopper who made us all think of a billion dollar dream life just a few years ago.

He is used to impressing the audience with his dark-colored pieces of clothing, but this time Bruno hit the jackpot with his favorite sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator – Large Metal. 

In the handbook of shades, this is one of the most marketable products from Aviators. Apart from the obsessively repeated cool and stylish, this item is simple and elegant.

With its slim frames and big lenses, you cannot make a mistake if you take them to a fancy party. 24K Magic!

Latin Vibes

Let's do this… 🛫

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We don’t know about you, but Despacito is the best song if you want to get in the dance mood. And Luis Fonsi knows that his creation will forever be in the history of music.

And, as surprised as you might be, his option is Ray-Ban as well. Three out of three.

This time is the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator – as worn by Michael Jackson. 

A product with a 4.3 score and a guarantee for success as it is available in more than 25 colors. In other words, you can be stylish and colorful at the same time. Des-pa-cito!

All black For Selena

Walks through Calgary

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Selena Gomez is a toddler in music compared to Beyonce or Rihanna. But the young star is a promise in terms of music and fashion as well.

In this picture, she opted for beautiful oval lenses colored simple and discrete in black.

The design is well-chosen for her face shape and the whole image is quite astonishing.

If you want to copy her style, we recommend you the G-Star RAW GS641S FUSED OSPAC. With slim frames and lenses available in caramel, blue or champagne, this will only cost you £99.79. 

Looking for someone who tops the charts? Gisele Bundchen is the answer

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