The Best Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle is the go-to brand if you are after a quality pair of stylish sports sunglasses, which will stand up to the riggers of your active lifestyle!

Bolle designs sunglasses for men, women, and children, meaning you can get your whole family kitted out and ensure their eyes are protected from damaging UV rays whilst outdoors.

We have picked out some of our favourite Bolle sunglasses which showcase the very best of their extensive range.

Bolle Viper

 Bolle Viper

Bolle Viper

The Bolle Viper are the perfect pair to wear for any type of outdoor sport.

They feature a soft grip material which will prevent them from slipping off your face when it gets sweaty.

A classic wayfarer design which is very on-trend and easy to wear.

We love the red mirror lenses in these sunnies, but they also come in three other gorgeous and more understated colours if this is more your thing.

Take a look below at Sebastian wearing the same red Bolle Viper sunglasses.

Bolle Aeromax

Bolle Aeromax

Bolle Aeromax

The Bolle Aeromax are the ideal pair to go for if you want to have an amazing field of vision – perfect for when you are playing tennis, football, or cycling.

These sunglasses feature a wraparound design which moulds to the shape of your head.

The soft grip material will ensure they stay put, and don’t move around on your face.

The mirror lenses lend these a cool look and also reduce the amount of bright sunlight passing through the lenses greatly.

Take a look at cyclist Cris wearing the Bolle Aeromax below.

Bolle Quindaro

Bolle Quindaro

Bolle Quindaro

These stylish sunglasses are more understated compared to some of the other Bolle sunnies.

They feature mirror lenses which help reduce glare and a simple thin metal frame – perfect for wearing both on active pursuits and everyday wear.

The nose pads are adjustable, so you can be sure of a perfect fit.

The lenses are also coated in a treatment to prevent fogging and smears from water droplets – very handy!

They also have a shell coating which prevents them from being affected by scratches, knocks, and scrapes.

Take a look at Karen below looking gorgeous in these exact sunglasses.




Bolle also do ski and snowboard goggles.

If you are planning on heading to the mountains this season, then be sure to check out their extensive range for men, women, and kids.

Their goggles come in a range of styles and colours, so you will be sure to find a pair to suit you.

We like the mirror lenses on these goggles – perfect for reducing the glare which bounces off the snow.

Bolle 6th Sense

 Bolle 6th Sense

Bolle 6th Sense

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The stunning sunglasses are the perfect option for road cycling: the sport they are primarily designed for.

They are incredibly light, so you can easily forget you’re even wearing them.

There is a coating on the lenses which detracts dirt, oil, and water, meaning you will always have clear vision no matter what the weather is doing.

Once again, the nose pad area is adjustable, which helps to prevent air from being swept up into your eyes even at the highest speeds.


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