Brand Profile: Polaroid

With a strong focus on providing high UV-protection and glare-free sunglasses, Polaroid has been designing and manufacturing sunglasses for 80 years. To mark its 80th year since the introduction of its first eyewear product, we take a look back at how the brand has influenced the eyewear market below.

The History

In 1937, the newly founded Polaroid Corporation sold its first pair of sunglasses. A mere two years later at the New York World’s Fair in 1939, Polaroid showcased the first 3D movie glasses. Polarized lens technology and sunglasses went hand in hand.

In the 40s and with a strong focus on pushing its polarized lens, the brand released its Air Force and sport goggles products. Both products were made with special Polaroid lenses. The products really took off when celebrities and war heroes alike started to select Polaroid as their brand of choice.

In the 50s and 60s, Polaroid continued to push the boundaries with the release of its Cool Ray sunglass generation. The frames were made to protect the eyes from reflected glare. The 60s brought the iconic Windsor rimmed sunglass models, a style that was to became synonymous with 60s fashion many years later.

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In the 70s, Polaroid made the move towards using a unique and exclusive press polishing technology to make premium optical-class polarized lenses. This was the beginning of the first polarized gradient lenses for the brand. The lenses would have a lasting effect on the eyewear market and sill remain popular today.

Moving on to the 80s and the brand wasn’t finished with making waves on the eyewear market. Taking more steps towards the celebrity appeal, in 1985 Polaroid launched aviator styles with interchangeable lenses in collaboration with tennis star Boris Becker.

In recent years, Polaroid still continues to innovate and shape eyewear trends. In the 90s, the brand launched the polarized PTX4000 lens using its own unique Press Polishing Technology. And more recently, the brand released its new UltraSight premium polarized lenses. Again, using Polaroid’s exclusive technology.

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The technology

Polaroid specialises in polarized sunglasses, which aid the wearer greatly when driving, cycling, skiing or even sunbathing. While non-polarized lenses just make things look darker, Polaroid’s polarized sunglasses block most glare. Coupled with Polaroid’s anti-glare properties, it makes for a great pair of sunglasses that you can wear all day every day and enjoy whatever you’re doing in safety and comfort.

Polaroid’s UltraSight lenses are exclusively developed for Polaroid’s polarized sunglasses and are made of nine functional elements. The core element is the polarizing light filter. UV light absorbers are bonded to both sides of it. These block all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC light rays. Shock-absorbing layers are then fused to both sides of the UV absorbers, making the lens light, flexible and impact resistant. A scratch-resistant layer on both the outer surfaces completes the lens structure.

Polaroid’s high-performance products fuse style, clear vision and safety. This high-quality product provides the wearer with comfort, all the while being strong and durable.

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