Bret Easton Ellis & Persol Join Forces on New “Orpheus” Campaign

Persol is the name that proudly delivers the top-quality eyewear since 1917. Ever since they designed their first Protector model, meant for car racers and athletes, they have continued to improve a unique crafting process, which is still completely hand-made.

Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho, Less Than Zero and Rules of Attraction writer, is the creative mind behind the new Persol campaign, which symbolically carries the name Orpheus.

Besides the awesome cadres and mind-blowing soundtrack, Orpheus is a modern adaptation of the famous Greek myth about the man, Orpheus, who could charm all living things by playing music.

Filmed both in Los Angeles and Paris, with an international crew that worked hard behind the cameras, this is not just another story made of unrelated elements; it’s consistent to the original, but with a unique director’s signature.

Actors are wearing the new Persol’s Typewriter Edition model, which appear to be very similar to their PO9649S model .

Persol PO9649S Sunglasses at

In the ‘60s, Persol was worn by many movie stars such as Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen, proving that this brand really depicts the finest of the Italian creative genius.

Persol also conducted many experiments with their eyewear, just to make sure that it’s convenient for all types of environment and different climates. Results?  Pure success.

This all leads to an inevitable conclusion that when we’re talking about Persol, we’re talking about a brand which is destined to everyone in need of the cutting-edge sunglasses suitable for any occasion and all weather conditions.

What characterises this style is the Brown/Havana colour, the recognisable “the supreme arrow” detail that stretches down the arm of the frame and made complete by the slightly oversized design. This model comes in six other colours in case you’re preferences lie within other combinations of colour than seen in this short film.

All in all, Persol did an amazing job with this quite unusual campaign. It has it all from artistic efforts, hot filming locations, gorgeous actors, completed, of course, with Italy’s finest sunglasses.

With Persol’s meticulously hand-crafted pair of shades available at Selectspecs, you’ll be fully prepared to take a leading role in your own story this summer. And summer is a time to make some really good memories, right?

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