Brian Cranston Dons Round Specs in Trumbo!


Ever since Breaking Bad, Brian Cranston has gone from strength to strength and with new film Trumbo set for release early next year on-screen Heisenberg might be in for another box-office hit.

Trumbo tells the story of the successful Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted for being a Communist back in the 1940’s.

From the trailer it looks as though director Jay Roach has really nailed the era’s fashion, with authentic vintage typewriters and impeccable 40’s clothes, even right down to the style of specs:


The rounded pair you see Brian wearing in the trailer look suspiciously like a pair from new brand to SelectSpecs; Chiara Visione.

A gentlemen’s brand that you can’t help but get the impression the clean-cut designs were much inspired from the trends of yesteryear.  Brian’s glasses have the same features complete with a keyhole bridge and the decorated silver corner near the temple.

chiara-visione-ucb1008-glasses-at-selectspecsAlthough we can’t tell for certain this is the exact pair, it’s a pretty safe bet they come pretty close.

Round glasses were synonymous of the 40’s, although they grew out of fashion as other modern, more squared frames arrived, we’ve seen them revived this year – just in time for the Trumbo flick too!


Image from: Esquire

On top of his glasses and pretty cool moustache, we got to say Cranston’s performance looks like a stellar one (we hear Academy Awards calling!)  Walter White has definitely gone up in the ranks – sorry, we’ll stop with the Breaking Bad connections now…

Let us know what your first impressions of the film and its distinct style might be, particularly the eyewear which we approve of, in the comments section below.

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