Brow Microblading 101

Brows are a big business and the latest trend for getting those perfect arches is microblading.

A semi-permanent makeup technique, microblading involves a trained technician making fine hair-like incisions through the brows and depositing cosmetic tattoo pigments.

It originated in Asia and the practice goes back thousands of years. You might see it marketed under different names, with monikers including brow embroidery and microstroking.

With celeb fans like Bella Thorne, it’s the must-have treatment of the moment.

The technique can be used to fill in sparse brows, cover up scarring around the brow area, or to give you the bushy Cara Delevigne-esque eyebrows of your dreams.

If you’re thinking about going under the microblader’s knife, here are a few things to consider.

Do Your Research

Most semi-permanent makeup technicians will have examples of their work on their website, and lots also have an Instagram page.

Take a look at their portfolio; do they have experience creating different brow shapes?

Be sure to look at the ‘before’ photos too, to see what kind of transformation they’ve produced, and how they work with different starting canvases.

Some technicians have a favoured brow shape and tend not to stray too far from it — is this something that you’d be happy with?

Be sure to check out their credentials too, to ensure that they are fully trained and licensed to work with semi-permanent makeup.

If they’ve only just qualified, ask to see examples that they did during their training.

Know The Different Techniques Available

If you want a full-on Instagram-worthy Kylie Jenner brow, microblading probably isn’t for you.

There are techniques that can create this look though, including using a digital machine.

Be sure to know what you want, and ask what’s available and the different results that can be produced.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Don’t expect to get a perfect result straight away — you’ll likely require at least one top-up session after your initial appointment.

In the interim it’s important to follow the aftercare instructions your technician gives, which include not getting brows wet for some time.

You may experience some redness and scabbing, so be sure to ask about this and what you can do to alleviate it without damaging your new brows.

This attention to detail will ensure your brows last and remain in the best condition possible.

Be Prepared For More Appointments

Aside from the the top-up sessions in the weeks after your first appointment, if you want to keep your brows looking fresh and on point, they’ll require some maintenance.

This is semi-permanent makeup after all, which means that it’s not going to stay on forever.

If you take care of your eyebrows, this will likely just be a yearly visit to get them refreshed, so not too much effort on your part.

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