What To Put In A Care Package

If one of your besties has been going through a hard time recently or is feeling low, it can make you feel helpless as to how you can help.

You can talk to them, listen to their worries and give them endless hugs.

But have you also thought about creating a best friend care package?

This idea has really taken off in recent years.

The basic principle behind it is putting together a little package with some treats inside to help your best friend feel better.

You can either send it to them via post if your friendship is long distance, or you could hand it over to them in person.

Either way, we have compiled together some of the best items to put into this little package.

Let us know if you decide to create one for a friend.



Chocolate and sweets always make anyone feel better.

Do you know their favourite brand?

Then pop that into the package.

If not, just create a mixture of different varieties – this will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Nail Polish Kit

Most ladies love to have lovely polished nails and toenails.

Simply painting their nails in a bright, happy colour will instantly make them feel a little bit better about everything.

It will also encourage them to give themselves a little TLC, reminding them just how important and special they are.


Print off a few old photos from Facebook or Instagram, and put them into a little album or just pop them into the box.

Give your bestie that trip down memory lane.

Reminding your best friend of happy and funny times will help put that smile back on their face. They will also help her realise just how much you care about her.

Scented Candles

Scented candles will always go down well, and they are always useful.

Get a little travel sized candle or a big jar depending on your budget (and whether you will be sending it in the post).

Either get one to match their home’s colour scheme, or just get a scent that you know she will love.


Outfit from the other day… love this little @Topshop skirt so much ❤️

A post shared by Fleur De Force (@fleurdeforce) on

Sunglasses are a great idea as they cover tired eyes and make you feel so glamorous every day.

You don’t need to spend big to buy some sunglasses for your bestie – SelectSpecs sell some from £10.

Click here to see our full range.

You can get Fleur’s sunnies above with the Ray-Ban RB4221.

These wayfarer style sunglasses feature a blue mirror lens and black frames – they are a super cool and easy style to wear.

 Ray-Ban RB4221

Ray-Ban RB4221

A Variety of Teas / Coffee

A hot drink will sort out a multitude of problems and is the perfect way to help your friend relax and feel better about life.

Is she a tea or coffee type of girl?

If you know, then go for one or the other.

You can buy a variety of different teas and coffees from big supermarkets or from boutique shops.

Buy something a little out of the norm or a little bit more expensive than usual.

It is just a lovely treat to have some special tea or coffee to drink when you’re feeling low.


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