The Best Shades For Notting Hill’s 2017 Carnival

Yes! August has finally arrived and guess what? Once it arrives you know that the famous street party is going to take place.

Notting Hill carnival is getting closer and closer.

There is no better way to end the summer in style than having a grand street party in London’s streets.

If you’re a party lover, there is a huge chance you would have made note of the dates a long time ago.


Where It All Happens

The Notting Hill carnival will take place in West London over 2 days during the August Bank holiday weekend.

Notably, on Sunday 27th and Bank holiday Monday 28th August and organized by the British West Indian community.

Millions of people visit this event every year, but of course you can visit charming Notting Hill anytime.

Portobello market is great for unusual bargains, for example, it’s a great place for leather goods.

It is without doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy Europe’s largest street party better while accompanied by a group of friends whom you can share the same interests with.

Get ready to party.

Brief History

The Notting Hill Carnival was created as a result of issues with race relations in the 1960’s.

UK witnessed its first racial riot which took place in Notting Hill, leading to the arrest of 108 people.

Afterwards, a Trinidadian lady known as Claudia recreated the event into cabaret.

Carnival grew from this initiative.

What To Expect

  • Children will showcase their costumes on the Sunday by dancing along the carnival route, to Calypso and Soca music
  • This will take place on the Sunday
  • Upbeat music by steel bands – both mobile and on stage
  • Monday is the final day and Masquerades can be seen exhibiting their vibrant and colourful costumes
  • Tourists from around the globe as well as Londoners, visit this vibrant event attracting large crowds of people of different ages and race groups
  • Delight in scrumptious food from around the world

PS. It’s not advisable to take your pet or valuables due to large crowds!


Notting Hill Gate, Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Click on the following link to find out how to get there.

Extra are buses will be provided to accommodate large crowds. 

Sunglasses To Show Off On The Day

Polaroid PLD 6003/N

These affordable Polaroid sunglasses are not only polarized ready, they come with various colours to match those vibrant Carnival colours.

Great choice!


Dolce & Gabbana DG4244 LOGO PLAQUE

These stylish specs above have polarized options available ready to protect your precious eyes from unwanted glares at Carnival.

Ideal for all weather types.


Clothing To Wear On The Day

  • Ethnic bags
  • Ethnic wear
  • Colourful tops
  • Ethnic scarfs
  • Ethnic hats/bandanas/visors
  • Matching Carnival colours

Looking for some fun things to do and and some enjoyment to end the summer?

Then it’s time to get your dancing shoes on for carnival 2017.


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