Celine Dion: 2017 Style

Celine Dion is not only an ambassador of music and power, but a very poignant figure in the universe of fashion. You might wonder how can this lady impress you more than she did all throughout the years with her simplicity, devotion and talent.

Well, Vogue has named the singer the Ultimate Couture Diva, as Celine seems to become younger and outrageously fashionable as the years pass by.

A genius example for ladies over 45 looking to reinvigorate their style, Celine has redefined fashion with her natural approach to the new and flamboyant.

Let’s have a look at the impressive style of the Canadian artist.

The Elegance of Black

Stealing the show is easy on stage if you have the right voice, but off-duty is not an easy task.

And shining at dinner while being in Paris is one hell of a job.

She smashed it with this tailored black jumpsuit which makes the look extravagant and cutting-edge.

Add a pair of stylish stiletto shoes and a leather bag, and you get a top candidate for ”The Most Elegant Lady of 2017.”

Celine looks dazzling and shiny with the aid of just a few fashion choices.

Stage Fashion

As a performer, she is not only outstanding but impeccable.

And her outfits are on the same level.

If she opts for casual, you will notice leather clothing accessories, such as jackets or shining trousers or blazers.

Simple and cool looks while on a world tour will always represent a challenge for an artist because outfits will need to be diverse.

And if she needs to sing My heart will go on or Beauty and the Beast, you won’t be able to take your eyes from her long and simple dresses.

Usually in white, yellow or gray, Celine can sometimes shine in blue or black, as dark colors fit her build.

Metallic dresses will always do the job for the creative mind of the Canadian, but lately, she’s been a very big fan of haute couture.

A very challenging and brave option for a 49-year-old artist.

A few months ago, at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, she looked extraterrestrial in this one-of-a-kind masterpiece from Stephane Rolland.

One hell of a way to celebrate 20 years from the debut of Titanic.

Relaxed & Casual

Celine loves leather accessories such as boots, jackets, and bags.

This denim and leather look fits her personality and character; Celine often opts for relaxed outfits.

While at Disneyland with her family, she went for the simplicity and discretion of an all white ensemble.

The picture brings out the beauty of her young and crazy personality to the attention of fashion critics.

Luxurious Sunglasses

At this year’s Dior Haute-Couture Fall-Winter fashion show in Paris, she proved once again why her relationship with designer brands is one of love and respect.

She is a big fan of Christian Dior, and there’s no pair better than the Dior DIORONDE2. 

Sublime and stylish, this item offers the golden ticket to comfort and the context to act like a natural-born diva.

With Havana and brown insertions, these shades are ideal for a casual day out on the high streets of Paris.

Last but not least, take a look at the large shady lenses, designed to please fashionistas who adore the elegant and accurate look.

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