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In the summer, it’s easy for everyone to look like a movie star – grab a pair of aviators, some Ray Bans or even just some 99p shades, and there’s instant glamour for you. But how to get the ultimate Hollywood look? It’s all in the frames.

For the Men

Tim Burton – to get the kooky look, go for big lenses that take over most of your face and don’t forget the darker the lens, the better. These frames from Carrera will give you the mysterious genius look.


John Lennon – To get a more vintage look, try circular frames and lighter lenses. These metal circular frames from Ray Ban scream peace and love, man.


Tom Cruise – For some 1980s action style, think Tom Cruise a la Top Gun – Aviators are the only
way to get that ‘just flown in’ look. You can even show support for you home team at the same time with this design from Everton Football Club.

Everton FC Fan Sunglasses available at SelectSpecs

For the Ladies

Victoria Beckham – The ultimate in class and style, Mrs Beckham can’t look bad in anything. In particular she knows how to make the most of her stunning cheekbones with these square frames. Oakley’s frames are suitable for prescription lenses as well.

Oakley's Ladies Obsessed Polarised Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Alexa Chung – To stand out from the crown there’s nothing like bright, chunky glasses to show your personality. This funky offering from Boss combines animal print with bold colours.

Boss Orange Designer Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Jennifer Aniston – And finally, who says aviators are just for boys? Aniston looks cool and laid back in her specs, and you can too with these cool blue lenses from Police.

Police Aviator Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

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