Cheat the Luxe Look: 6 Budget-friendly But Beautiful Glasses

As the old saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees and most of us are looking for ways to curb our spending, especially with Christmas just around the corner (yes, I said the C word!) While we can’t deny they look amazing, designer glasses can be hugely expensive these days, which leaves many of us searching for cheaper alternatives.

However, just because you’re looking for a bargain, it doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice style. If you love the luxe look, but don’t have the bank balance to back it up, don’t worry! We’ve found six stylish pairs of glasses that prove you don’t always have to splash the cash to look a million dollars.

1. Savannah 8122

Savannah 8122

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First up, we have a pair from our budget-friendly Savannah collection. Inspired by more expensive designs by brands such as Ray Ban, these beauties feature wayfarer shaped frames that create a bold and contemporary look. Adding to the designer feel, they’re finished in a deluxe rubber material rather than the traditional glossy plastic frames, which elevates them to a new level of style. Finally, the brown tortoise shell pattern gives the Savannah 8122 a timeless appeal that goes with everything. Can you believe you get all of this for just £10?

Below, one of our cool customers proves that these glasses look so much more expensive than their tiny price tag.

@nicolerodger from Canada loving her new Savannah 8122’s! Currently £9 at #SelectSpecs #GeekChic #NewGlasses

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2. Infinity 2083

Infinity 2083 glasses

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Next, we have the Infinity 2083 glasses. That’s right, these aren’t from Ray Ban either (although on closer inspection, the lack of logo may have given that one away…) These suave specs look just as good as their pricey Clubmaster alternatives though. We love the simple silver metal frames which are accentuated by thick black browline tops inspired by vintage designs. These Clubmaster style glasses are so on trend now, with the rise of hipster fashion, and have been spotted on countless celebrities and style icons. Perfect for men and women, they’ll add an intellectual edge to your every day look. As you can see, they’re almost identical to the Ray Ban Clubmaster glasses, but for a fraction of the price at just £25. A great way to get the upscale look for less.

3. Savannah 2444

Savannah 2444 glasses

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Our third choice is another pair from our Savannah collection (we can’t help it – they’re just that good!). This time its the Savannah 2444 in black and blue. These bold and beautiful glasses feature slightly over-sized square frames for a cool, contemporary look that’s so on trend right now and have a gorgeous geek chic appeal. A glossy black finish gives them an opulent look while inside, a vibrant pop of blue adds a fashion-forward edge to these frames that you would only expect to see from designer specs. Don’t be fooled though – these sexy specs are a bargain at just £10. They’re available in other colours too – choose from plain black, Havana brown and animal print which are all available at SelectSpecs. The Savannah 2444 specs are perfect for men and women thanks to their unisex style. In our Instagram snap below, our blogger fan Alyssa is showing that low priced glasses don’t have to look cheap. In fact, they can look pretty damn amazing!

4. Hallmark 8203

Hallmark 8203 glasses

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If you’re a fan of designer sunglasses, this fourth pair may look familiar. That’s because they look very similar to the William Morris WL6946 glasses. Just like the designer pair, the Hallmark 8203 glasses feature a fabulous combination of dark top frames that fade into pretty pink bottoms. The Hallmark glasses have a classic shape with thick wayfarer frames that are slightly rounded in shape and crafted from plastic for a contemporary finish. If you love a timeless look with a twist, these glasses are perfect. While there’s not much difference in looks between the William Morris and the Hallmark pair, there’s a big difference when it comes to cost. The William Morris glasses will set you back three figures but the Hallmark glasses are a thrifty £25. Bargain.

5. Savannah 8121

Savannah 8121 glasses

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For a look that simply oozes contemporary style, we’ve chosen the Savannah 8121 as our next pair. Crafted from ultra-modern rubber with clear frames, these glasses  look like they’ve just come from a hot designer collection ready to set trends and be snapped up by celebs. The see-through specs feature classic wayfarer-shaped frames for a look that is easy to style and flatters every face shape. They’re also available in a range of bright colours, including red, green, blue and pink, if that’s more your thing. And the best part about them? They’re just £10. Perfect if you want a unique pair of frames without paying an arm and a leg. Blogger Andy knows how to cheat the luxe look, showing off her savvy Savannah clear-framed specs below.


A photo posted by (@selectspecs) on Jul 8, 2015 at 12:37am PDT

6. Infinity P6185

Infinity P6185

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Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the Infinity P6185 glasses, a favourite style at SelectSpecs. These specs have rounded frames that give them a chic, vintage appeal that’s everywhere in fashion this season. Finished in classic black with a glossy effect, they have a simple look that screams sophistication. While these glasses may look super luxurious, the price means you can add them to your eyewear collection without a worry. At just £10, you could even have two pairs!

With these low-cost but lovely frames, no one will ever guess how much you paid for your sassy new specs (unless you tell them of course!) Now, what shall we spend that extra cash on…?

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