Chinese New Year: 2018 is the year of the dog!

With Chinese New Year celebrations happening all over the world on the 16th of February, we thought we’d do a post celebrating all things Year of the Dog.

For those that don’t know, similar to the Astrological signs, the Chinese Zodiac calendar has 12 animals. This year marks the year of the dog and there are three lucky colours for people born in the year of the dog.


The luckiest shade of green would have to be jade, because it is believed to give you protection. Whilst we couldn’t find a jade colour pair of sunnies in our inventory, we found these pair of green shades that hopefully will bring you luck and protection as well as making you look super cool.

Have a look at these MAX&Co sunglasses:

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Red is probably the colour that is lucky for any Chinese person. They believe it symbolises happiness, luck and joy. Against their typical dark hair red is a pop of colour which compliments their complexion.

We’re a huge fan of these Carrera CARRERA 130/S sunglasses, a beautiful shade of red almost guaranteed to give you luck!



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Purple is also a lucky colour for those born in the year of the dog. We think purple is a perfect compromise of colour without being too striking like red and green. How about these pair from Reebok? A trendy look for all you fashionistas!

Reebok R9798

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As well as lucky colours, your Chinese zodiac sign also says a lot about your characteristics. A positive characteristic is that people born in the year of the dog are loyal. To represent the idea of loyalty, we’ve picked out the brand Ray-Ban, a staple which has been in everyone’s wardrobe and hasn’t let anyone down in terms of style and timeless pieces. Our favourite has to be the iconic RB3025 Aviators!

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

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A negative characteristic is sometimes they’re not very good at social situations. If that’s you, and you want to hide, we’ve chosen these huge frames which will keep you hiding if you find yourself uncomfortable in out and about.

These frames from INVU are perfect to hide your face when needed, albeit for blemishes, no makeup up days or those can’t be bothered days!

INVU B2610

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If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to look good in sunglasses, then check out out piece on how to steal Zendaya’s look!

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