Colour Perception: How We All See The World Differently

It is commonly known that some people suffer from colour blindness, and this can come in different scales from complete colour blindness to an inability to perceive just one colour.

However, something that is not so commonly known is that people may see colours in different ways if they are fully sighted.

The website Wonderopolis states that:

Scientists think that factors, such as mood, feelings and even memories can affect our perception of colours. They claim it’s entirely possible that two people can look at the same object and have the same wavelengths hit their eyes, yet ‘see’ different colours!

Another factor that may affect perception are the physical parts of our body that process the information from the world around us.

Most people have three different photoreceptors in the backs of their eyes that perceive red, green and blue.

Still, others – called tetrachromats – may have a fourth photoreceptor that helps them see the full range of colours with greater sensitivity than the average person.

Whilst the difference between a gold or black dress may not seem very important, there are other instances where colour has been specifically chosen so that there is no confusion as to the distinction.

Traffic lights for example have three distinct colours all of which contrast so as not to cause confusion.

It has even been suggested that the colour of your car can affect your likelihood to have an accident.

White cars supposed to be one of the safest colours to drive and colours such as black, blue, grey and silver considered to be more at risk.

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