Contrasting Colours & Eyewear

Colour combinations can make or break an outfit. You can use colour to make an impression, standout from the crowd or to complement your colour tone. You can even use it to match it to your makeup, such as your lipstick shade. So if it works for clothes, why can’t it work for your eyewear choices, too?

The term “contrasting colours” may sound like something you want to avoid. After all, why choose two colours that are not near one another on the colour chart? But, if you give contrasting colours a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised.

We’ve highlighted a few of the best contrasting colour combinations below, and why you need to try them as part of your eyewear look.

Green and yellow

Just looking at this lively colour combination has got us dreaming of pineapples and sun loungers. Green and yellow reminds us of crisp, clear days and freshly cut grass. Fresh and clean green and yellow looks great on most complexions, so it’s a great colour combo to start with.

If you’re warm toned then focus on mustard, khaki and dark green. If you’re cool toned, then sharpen up an outfit by adding bright yellows and shimmering greens.

The Givenchy GV 7050/S in yellow frame with green lenses is a great fit with the green and yellow colour combination.


Orange and black

Nothing lifts a black outfit more than a bright, bold colour. Pick a colour like orange and you’re certain to create a bold, vivid look that creates an impression. In sunglasses, a great combination is a black frame with a bright orange lens. It seems orange and black, is the new black!

Don’t be afraid to take the trend to new levels and opt for an oversized, square frame to really make a statement.

The Oakley OO9380 DOUBLE EDGE sunglasses combine black with orange.


Grey and pink

Pink and grey is a great colour combination, which is wearable all year round. There are some great ways to combine this colour in the same outfit. For example, choose a grey frame and contrast it with a pink hat or an accessory. Or you could go for both pink and grey on one eyewear piece.

The colours are great for creating a feminine look and for those who do not want to go too bold with their contrasting colours.

The Just Cavalli JC792S sunglasses combines grey and pink.


Red and blue

The red and blue colour contrast is one of the best combinations out there. You can completely transform an outfit by simply adding elements of this colour in. Why be restricted to just clothing? We think eyewear should have some colour attention! You can wear both colours on the same frame, or keep it to just one colour and pair with a tailored jacket and a pair of heels.

Who can resist a classic Breton striped shirt? It is every bit the quintessential French Chanel inspired look, and when combined with a chic pair of red-framed glasses the outfit is complete. This look is best kept bright in order to emphasise the contrasting colour. You can really have some fun with this colour combo!

The Police V1986 glasses in red and blue adds something special to ordinary outfits.


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