Cool Sporty Prescription Glasses Your Wallet Will Love

When it comes to sports, having the optimum vision is key for an excellent performance and that’s exactly why you need the perfect sports glasses. I already talked in the past about the best sunglasses for cyclists and whilst you can find lots of sports sunglasses online you might struggle with sporty prescription glasses.

It’s become quite common to see top athletes wearing glasses when they’re performing, but it’s also a noticeable trend to see them wearing specs just for fashion too. There’s just something about a professional athlete in glasses that just makes a lot of their fans to go crazy, isn’t there?

Tom Brady. Picture from Pinterest.

Tom Brady. Picture from Pinterest.

Cristiano Ronald. Picture from Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Picture from Instagram.

Michael Phelps. Picture from Pinterest.

Michael Phelps. Picture from Pinterest.

All sports people need coordination, the ability to judge objects in space and distance over time. Just because you wear prescription lenses, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay at the top of your sport. There are two recognized brands dominating the world of sports prescription glasses: Oakley and Nike. However, other brands such as Lacoste and Red Bull have recently started to care about sporties too.

Sports eyewear is characterised by non-grip temples, lightweight and wrap and rectangle frames. They are intended to convey a sporty and sleek look, but appearance doesn’t need to be disregarded when exercising, after all you never know when your better half might turn up in your life!

I understand that your sports glasses need to be perfect for you to enjoy your sport and that’s why I’m suggesting some of the best quality prescription glasses specially designed for sports people which I’m sure you’ll love. The best quality doesn’t always mean expensive though, so that’s why you’ll find plenty of good value quality sports prescription glasses here too.

Oakley Sports Prescription Glasses

Oakley is likely to be the first brand to come to everyone’s mind when they think of sports eyewear.  That’s because they perfectly grasp the fact that for sports people, the way they see is just as important as the way they look. The Oakley prescription sports eyewear collection blends durable, lightweight materials with the all-day comfort and a perfect fit.

Oakley OX1066 Servo


These elegant sports glasses give you the confident look of someone who would rather own a look than play somebody else’s game. Spring hinges add to the comfortable secure fit and the frame material means they are surprisingly lightweight: just as surprising as the price tag!  See them here.

Oakley OX8026 Currency


A versatile and popular frame, the Oakley OX8026 Currency presents an iconic look with premium hinges and temples technology as well as an extra lightweight frame for the best performance in all sport activities. They are just under £100 and are available in five exciting colour combinations!

Oakley OX3162 Blender


When it comes to sports prescription glasses, the Oakley OX3162 Blender is one of the best value options available in the eyewear market. For just £100, they are made of lightweight and durable aluminium and they have adjustable silicon nosepads for a more comfortable and secure fit. They mix comfort and style, just what all sporties need!

Nike Sports Prescription Glasses

Nike is all things sports and high-performance and they make no exception with eyewear. They use the latest technology to ensure their performance eyewear is flawless for all sports activities: impact resistant lenses, extremely lightweight frames and screw-less hinges. A crucial design for the best performance.

Nike 7072

Nike 7072

The Nike 7072 sports prescription glasses are ideal for running, cycling, racket sports, mountaineering and basically any sport activity thanks to their versatile and comfortable design. They feature adjustable rubber temple tips, lightweight frame and ventilated nose bridge to reduce fogging. Not bad for just £100!

Nike 6037

Nike 6037

The Nike 6037 prescription glasses give you precise vision and a custom fit. They are perfect for golf, sailing, fishing and any sport activity where you need eye protection, comfort and performance. The titanium frame offers a sleek, lightweight and dynamic look and their adjustable rubber temple tips and the waffle tread pattern, a secure fit.

Infinity Eyewear for Sporties

All the above are excellent choices for sporties, but if you’re not Usain Bolt and are looking for cheap sports prescription glasses for your occasional morning jog, Infinity have some very affordable models for you.

Infinity GM 231

Infinity GM231
With an aluminium frame, this pair of prescription glasses are lightweight and comfy. With a half-rim and a wrap-around design, the Infinity GM 231 is perfect for all kind of sport activities and will protect your eyes from wind, insects and dust. This frame is just £50!

Infinity GM 229

Infinity GM229

The Infinity GM 229 are not just super lightweight and inexpensive, they look super-cool too. You can’t go wrong with this awesome looking and adaptable pair of sports prescription glasses. They are amazingly comfortable and are available in black as well, in case orange is just not your colour.

If you are looking to update your sports prescription glasses, check SelectSpecs’ extensive selection and you can be sure to find the right ones for you whatever your sport activity and your budget!

Tell us your favourite sports eyewear and what you wear them for in the comments section below!

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