Covid-19 Impact on Eye Health

We are living an historical period where a global pandemic is in action, and it is required from all of us to be a little bit more conscious and aware about our hygiene and health. Our eyes in particular, are really important to be taken care of in this moment, since they can be affected by the virus or be a dangerous doorway to our body.

As we all already know, the COVID-19 disease is caused by the coronavirus, which is transmitted from person to person primarily through respiratory droplets, when someone (who is infected) sneezes or coughs. The virus will aerosolize out and could be breathed in by others, or could come in contact with the mucus membranes of the body (and penetrate inside the body) through the eyes, nose or mouth. This is why is recommended to use gloves, face masks and eye protection when going out during this period of emergency.

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If the virus is contracted, the most damage is done to our respiratory system, which can lead to symptoms like fever, cough and shortness of breath with severe consequences for some people. Although there is only a small percentage of patients, who has presented eyes-infections caused by the coronavirus, according to the latest updates from the Academy of Ophthalmology websites, there are some cases in which has been found traces of the virus in the ocular secretions of the infected patients and pink eyes due to inflammation.

Pinked and watery eyes are a sign of conjuctivitis, which can be caused by the virus contact with the gelatinous surface of the eye. Therefore, is highly advised to wash your hands frequently (with soap or alcohol based hand rub) and to not touch your eyes, mouth or face in general. Sanitising and disinfecting your door knobs, high-touch surfaces, covered handles and light switches should be good practices to take in mind.

Some small hygienic rules and behavioural precautions could help everyone cope better with viruses and bacteria which could be harmful to our eye-health and overall health.

Selectspecs is open to help you.

We have taken all the necessary precautions to continue to operate and ensure we can meet our customers’ expectations and needs. We are open to deliver also face masks and protective goggles to be used as eye-protection, helping our customers feel more safe and protected.

Orders are processed as normal and all the required steps has been put into action, to ensure business continuity and above all the safeness of our workforce and customers. If you want to know more about our current actions taken, you can have a look to our Customer Update.

We can assure, that we will still strive to offer an excellent service and keep in mind the new necessities that could arise in this difficult situation. In return, we just ask a little bit of patience from your part, since we may experience some small delays, due to our delivery partners having in some cases (understandable) internal delays caused by the ever-changing circumstances.

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