Cricketer Marcus Trescothick’s Form Down To Glasses And Hard Work

Marcus Trescothick

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say. But play both on and off the field certainly makes for a charismatic sportsman.

First there was the Spice Boys at Liverpool FC during the 90’s with Jamie Redknapp. Then more recently we have become accustomed to the outspoken rugby star James Haskell. The self-proclaimed ‘Archbishop of Banterbury’ certainly knows a thing or two about having a joke.

This free styling flanker has put just as much effort into his game as his level of bants! The former Wasps man can definitely talk the talk. His top notch patter has seen him play in far flung destinations such as New Zealand and Japan.

Yet one cricketer lets his eyes do the talking. It seems that hard work and notably specs are key factors in Marcus Trescothick’s recent form.


The Somerset batsman loves a bit of willow but it appears he should be grateful for investing in a pair of glasses. Currently, Trescothick has scored more than 60 runs in less than 20 innings in this seasons County Championship In spite of the fact that technique and confidence play a key role, his decision to adopt glasses has been working a treat.

The stalwart Somerset ledge has nearly racked up 25 seasons at Taunton. On top of this, Trescothick will soon overtake the county record for number of top class centuries. At present this stands at 49.

His spectacular development by switching to specs saw him rack up a mammoth 218 runs in against Nottinghamshire. Now who said about not liking but loving cricket!

In an interview with BBC Radio Bristol, Trescothick revealed;

“Ever since last season and I started wearing glasses, things have really picked up. Whether the eyesight was slowly going, I don’t know, but I just tweaked that..There are technical changes that I’ve tweaked and it’s made a big difference in terms of hitting the ball. I’ve played a lot straighter in the past couple of weeks.”

Looks like he’s not only cleaning up the competition but he was also spotted wiping his specs whilst at the crease. You may think that that’s just not cricket but it’s paying off for Marcus Trescothick so far.  Whilst batting in the win against Nottinghamshire in soaring temperatures, Trescothick declared to the BBC;

“It is difficult when it’s (hot) like this but you just have to try and clean them (the glasses) in between overs. Every two or three overs, your headband inside your helmet, it gets full of sweat, you have to ring it out. It starts dripping down. The lens is a bit clouded at times – the perils of wearing glasses. Contact lenses don’t work for me.”

Marcus #Trescothick prepares for the upcoming #county #cricket season #bestinthewest #preseason A photo posted by Somerset County Cricket Club (@somersetcricketofficial) on

Born in Keynsham, the 40 year old has racked up the runs in double quick time. In his last couple of innings, Trescothick has notched three centuries alone. The lothario leftie is all set to break Somerset’s first class century record – with a little help from his spectacled chums.

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