Dakota Johnson – 50 Shades of Darker Sunglasses

The young star was recently spotted in New York, enjoying a casual walk with her dog, wearing a black hoodie, skinny jeans and showing off her new bob haircut.

Inevitably the huge shopping bag suggested spring trends are already in full swing and that the 25-year-old actress, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, was clearly using an opportunity to renew her wardrobe whilst enjoying the New York weather. The beautiful brunette decided to complete her look with a pair of dark sunglasses, maybe hoping to avoid the curious looks of random passerby’s while on the shopping spree, but she was caught anyway!

50 Shades are really becoming darker and so are the lenses of Dakota’s pair of retro sunglasses. However, the rising star is showing her love for the casual look, giving the impression of an easy-going person that simply feels comfortable in her own skin.

Dakota also showed her affection for retro sunglasses when she appeared on the last year’s Seventh Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and decided to pair them up with a vintage black and white dress and a straw sunhat.

A few months later, she went to Chanel’s show as part of Paris Fashion Week. According to Dakota’s outfit, darker is definitely better and her sizzling rock’n’roll style looks great indeed: tight leather pants, black leather shirt and sexy platform shoes with an emphasis on steel details…This Anastasia Steele is truly strong, dominant yet classy young woman who knows exactly what she wants. With a pair of huge dark sunglasses, of course. Voilà!

Follow the call of spring and consider choosing one of the various lady retro styles with a chance to get yourself one Christian Grey. Dakota surely did …

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