Romantic Date Night Ideas

We all know all too well that relationships take work. Put some effort in by spending quality time together, strengthening that bond by not watching telly, and falling asleep halfway through the show, and experiencing new things together. Designating one night a week a “date night” if you will, is a relationship longevity essential.

Unfortunately however, when you do this for a while, you end up running out of ideas, places to go, and things to do.

But have no fear, it’s all about perspective. Here are some twists on somewhat traditional date night plans with tips on matching outfits.

1. Picnic in the Park

Now if you’re impartial to a few mouthwatering delectables, how about a food tasting picnic date?

Bring on the finger food. Cake pops are a great option; fruit skewers are a healthy alternative.

Add an eclectic twist on the traditional picnic by having it under the stars. Bring an extra blanket for added romance and good old fashioned warmth, or have an indoor picnic on your living room floor.

A backyard scavenger hunt picnic is more of an active take on the idea. Hide relationship memorabilia to hunt for and reminisce.

Dress the part in a floral midi dress that screams spring, add a cardigan just in case it’s chilly, colourful flats and big bright sunnies make the look pop.

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2. Dancing ’till Dawn

Who was your favorite set at #circuitGROUNDS? 🎉 🎶 🔌 #EDCLV2017

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Calling music lovers everywhere, dance the night away with your special someone, at your choice of outdoor concert or festival.

What better way to deepen that connection than moving as one to the beat of your favourite tunes?

If you’d like to go all out and add a twist to this particular date of choice, add glamping (the fancy version of camping) to your multi- day festival.

Alternatively, come up with your own goofy dance routine, design signs for your favourite band, or make an old school mix-tape to introduce your boo to your holy grail tracks.

A band tee and studded booties pair well with a high waisted pleather skirt (tuck the tee in for that hour-glass figure). Add plenty of rocker worthy accessories including these stud detail shades.

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3. Starry Eyed

Now stargazing doesn’t seem like the most innovative date idea, but bear with us, it’s about to get interesting.

How about a late night hike? Walk, talk, look up a few astronomical facts and impress your significant other by pointing out their constellation if at all visible.

If you are a bookworm at heart, try taking turns reading a book to each other and then spend an equal amount of time discussing it.

Dress for movement, but stay stylish. A pair of printed leggings and a T-shirt dress or jeggings, colorful trainers and an oversized shirt.

But don’t forget those specs, whether for reading or looking up to the heavens.

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4. Adventure Awaits

Forever young. Forever in love ❤ Do you still remember how to do crazy things? Driving around the city on a scooter 🛵, spending nights under starry skies ⛺️ and dreaming to save the world?🌍 Share your most memorable moments and brightest memories with us! What have you seen? Where have you been? What inspired you and how did you feel? We're waiting‼️ Вечно молодые. Вечно влюблённые ❤А вы ещё не разучились совершать безумства? Бороздите город на мопедах 🛵, ночуете под открытым небом и мечтаете спасти мир? 🌎Поделитесь с нами самыми яркими моментами и воспоминаниями! 🙏🏼 Что видели? Где были? Как вдохновлялись? И что чувствовали? Мы ждём‼️

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Give it up for those adventurous couples out there, the explorers, the wanderlust stricken, the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies alike.

Don’t fall under the aforementioned category? All the more reason to try.

This one is simple, do something new together, something neither of you has done before.

Experience the rush of discovering a new passion together, or hate it and have a story to look back on a laugh about. These memories make great anecdotes for awkward silences at parties.

A few options include; starting with the tamer ideas, cooking classes, trying exotic cuisine, travel, sports, flying a kite.

A few less tame ideas include skydiving, riding a motorcycle, surfing, extreme sports, moving to a new country, learning a new language. The list is endless.

 The attire here varies depending on the activity but you can never go wrong with these daring red sunnies.

Craving a romantic getaway? Try one of these spring friendly vacation spots and feel the love.

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